Sources: Jackson to remain Raiders head coach

January 7, 2012, 9:01 pm
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According to three sources close to the team, Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie will be keeping Hue Jackson as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders in 2012.

My sources said it's ridiculous to think the new Raiders GM will fire Hue Jackson this year.

One of the sources said, "Reggie McKenzie and Hue Jackson are joined at the hip. They are proud to be on the same team. Hue is delighted he can now focus on what he does best, which is coach. Reggie and Hue have the same Sports Agent, Ken McGuire, to think there's a rift between these guys is simply ridiculous."

I've learned that McKenzie and Jackson are very good friends who see eye to eye on the changes the Oakland Raiders need to make to become a Super Bowl contender.

There are national reports that state McKenzie may consider replacing coach Hue Jackson. I'm not here to argue with other reporters, I just want to let our CSN viewers and readers know what I'm hearing. I realize you can't always trust your source, but in this case, I'm positive Hue Jackson is here to stay. He will remain the head coach of the Oakland Raiders for the 2012 season, and most likely, much longer. The Raiders will introduce Reggie McKenzie as their new GM, during a press conference at 2pm Tuesday. You can watch the press conference on Comcast SportsNet California and