Tim Brown not letting Hall of Fame snub consume him

Tim Brown not letting Hall of Fame snub consume him
February 7, 2014, 8:45 pm
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Tim Brown finished with 143 more catches and 1,736 more receiving yards than Andre Reed, who was elected to the Hall of Fame. (AP)

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Raiders legend Tim Brown has learned to deal with the disappointment of being left out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame for a fifth straight year. His immediate family hasn’t. Raider Nation isn’t thrilled either.

The prolific receiver wasn’t among five modern-day finalists part of the 2014 class, being eliminated in the first round of cuts during Saturday’s selection meeting.

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Brown isn’t the only person who considers 1,094 catches, 14,934 receiving yards, 105 total touchdowns, nine Pro Bowls and two All-Pro seasons Hall of Fame accomplishments. He’s fallen victim to a logjam of worth receivers, and lost out to longtime nominee Andre Reed this year. It’s worth noting that Brown’s statistics are vastly superior.

That could stick in Brown’s craw, but he insists he’s moved beyond last week’s disappointment.

“I’m not going to be consumed by this because I think it can hurt you bad,” Brown said Thursday during an interview with 95.7 the Game. “I say all that, but that’s just me. That’s not my wife. That’s not my brother, my sisters or my mom. It’s not them. What I try and do is manage everybody else’s expectations on this deal. I don’t want anybody to get bent out of (shape). Everyone close to me knows what I went through in my career, and for (the Hall of Fame) not to be happening is super disappointing for them. For me, I’ve put this thing in a category and I just keep moving on.”

Brown certainly hopes to be inducted at some point, but the title won’t define his career.

“This football thing has been great to me, and it’s pretty much served its purpose in my life,” Brown said. “No matter what they do with the Hall of Fame thing in the future, they can’t take away my Pro Bowls. They can’t take away my records. They can’t take away anything that I’ve done on the football field. When I go to speak, I have the right to say those things. I’m using that to the best of my ability and impact young folks all over this country. “…Would it be great to be in the Hall of Fame? Absolutely. But I don’t need it to do what I plan to do in life. That’s the perspective I try to place on this whole thing.”


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