Williams' family tragedy permeating Raiders

Williams' family tragedy permeating Raiders
November 17, 2012, 1:28 am
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ALAMEDA -- It has been a week since Raiders defensive line coach Terrell Williams and his wife Tifini endured the unimaginable -- losing their four-year-old son Tyson to a sudden illness.

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The tragedy has permeated the walls of the Raiders facility as a reality check, of sorts."First and foremost you feel terrible for Terrell and Tifini for what they had to go through," Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Friday. "It was a difficult situation. You dont know how people are going to respond to that, but the biggest thing is you try to keep everybody informed of whats going on and be there for them in case they need something and thats really what we tried to do."You cant help but have emotions about that, and it was a tough situation."Williams has understandably been gone from the team and, from a pure football perspective, defensive quality control coach Eric Sanders has taken the lead role with the D-line in Williams' absence with everyone on staff assisting to some degree.Allen said he had talked with Williams and discussed him possibly returning to the team Monday.