Marleau responds to Roenick's charges ... again

November 13, 2012, 10:05 pm
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The Patrick Marleau vs. Jeremy Roenick feud has gone from hot to scorching.On Tuesday, the Sharks forward responded to critiques in Roenicks new book by saying allegations of him not caring are false.To say that I dont care about my play or winning or being gutless is absurd, Marleau told the San Jose Mercury News via text message. I wouldnt have left home at 14 years old to play a game I didnt care about. I want to win more than anyone.REWIND: Marlaeu skates above Roenick's personal attacks
Just because I dont jump up and down acting like a buffoon on the ice doesnt mean Im not into it.Roenicks book, J.R.: My Life as the Most Outspoken, Fearless and Hard-Hitting Man in Hockey, includes a list of Five Players I Hated During My Career.Roenick put Marleau on the list behind Rob Ray, ahead of Steve Ott in what was the latest in a series of snipes.