Michael Grabner could be a dream Shark

July 5, 2012, 8:17 pm
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It's an annual tradition that every July: Sharks fans turn into agents and general managers. With players wheeling from deal-to-deal as teams try to snap up effective free agents, there is certainly ample room for speculating and imagining that one perfect trade for that one perfect player.

With a Rick Nash deal reportedly sitting on the table, there may be a bright, shiny new prospect waiting in the wings: Michael Grabner.

The 24-year-old right winger shot out of the gate in New York, scoring 34 goals his first season with the Islanders in 2010. Add that to 18 assists and Grabner has numbers on par with Logan Coutures rookie season with the Sharks, where he put up 34 goals and 24 assists, and both players were the subject of Calder Trophy whispers.

Its true what they say about sophomore slumps, however, with Grabner only scoring 20 goals in the 2011-2012 season. His assists dropped by six as well to bring his final total to 12 for the season. Despite the setback, SB Nation has speculated that Grabner would hypothetically fit right in in San Jose, with his speed and stick pairing on Marleaus second line, freeing Couture up for the (hypothetical) first line.

Grabner has four years at 3 million each left in New York, and every time a team giveth, they must also taketh away. Ryane Clowe has one year left in San Jose at 3.625 million, leading to speculation that he would be the potential bargaining chip for Grabner, should the dream ever become a reality.

For the record, San Jose and New York have not spoken about acquiring Grabner, so it remains unlikely that well see the young winger in teal.

Could you imagine Grabner as a Shark?