NHL deputy commissioner says revenue split doesn't work

September 17, 2012, 11:35 pm
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Say what you will about the NHL, but at least you know exactly where the league stands in its labor dispute with the NHLPA. Its real simple the owners want a higher share of the leagues revenue. And theyre not going to apologize for it.Even though league revenues are at an all-time high?Yes.Even though its the owners who are signing the players to enormous contracts?Yes.Even though the last CBA the one that cost the NHL an entire season was supposed to fix the leagues problems?Yes.Cant you see how that would upset the players and the fans?Yes.
Wait, why are you locking out the players again?

The system itself is something we think has worked very, very well, said NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly Monday on FAN 590 in Toronto. I think its made our league more competitive than its ever been, and I think the product is as good as its ever been. I think the revenues weve been able to generate are a testament to the fact the system itself works very, very well.
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