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7.7: NYY/OAK Postgame- Mark Ellis

Sun, 25 Aug 2013|

Bruce Bochy went with a righty-heavy lineup on Saturday. On Sunday against right-hander A.J. Burnett, the Giants lineup will feature more lefties.

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  1. Kruk & Kuip: 'Giants need this break'

    They lose on Friday they were in the next two games in the series. And like really this was a strong performance by AJ Burnett Lincecum got bounced around a bit and then the Giants this didn't play well at all from base running to try to get

  2. 10.26: Bengie Molina on Chronicle Live

    mixed and a triple there. But I wanna ask you about your swing the bat right now because the Yankees pitched around you AJ Burnett to walk Murphy had you and you hit it. huge home run a three run homer that may have been the single biggest blow the

  3. 9.1: OAK/NYY Postgame- Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse

    was just enough for them to capitalize on that and as it turned out with a pitching and I don't know what it is about AJ Burnett comes into face the athletics lost five and Oakland for a year prior prior to face the It's a pitching like he's

  4. 10.22: Sharks and Warriors both in action today

    game five of the American League Championship Series yanks trying to feels. In the World Series New York a free one AJ Burnett and John Lackey we'll go so. For all your sports news check out at central sixth 10:30 AM midnight tonight at every

  1. is yet to maintain your be assignment sound like Nick Roach has to do is when he cuts back. Guys like him guys like Kevin Burnett on the weak side have to be there and make sure tackles to keep this guy averaging less than five yards per carry. If not

  2. when he's at his absolute best he looked for the first time like a first round pick it. Lorenzo Neal Davis pass to Kevin Burnett another big game for him fourteen tackles twelve solo plus act. Did you see anybody on the field better than him tonight

  3. Raiders-Chargers matchup No. 2: Ross/Burnett vs. Gates


    Sat, 5 Oct 2013

    Raiders strong safety Brandian Ross/weakside linebacker Kevin Burnett vs. Chargers tight end Antonio Gates Tale of the tape: Ross ..... pounds, second season, Youngstown State/(94) WLB Kevin Burnett , 6-foot-3, 230 pounds, eighth season, Tennessee Gates

  4. covering him. Weak side linebacker Kevin Burnett and strong safety Brandon Ross now Kevin Burnett has extensive experience covering gates because ..... match could be interesting to watch and Kevin Burnett has talked extensively. About being physical

  5. Warriors television analyst will be his last Burnett 's contract with the team expires this ..... to an ambassador's role with the club Burnett says quote I've had a great And quote ..... be around to Jim mark one on one with Burnett on his extraordinary. Career Monday on

  6. Our guys injury report for today David did not practice today on not practice. Kevin Burnett was back up their full practice today Lucas nix was limited in practice today Watson didn't practice so. That's injury report

  7. runs you're only two behind Donaldson how can you explain. The power surge by you. Well exists today. I don't know just Burnett Millwood. On a good part of the ball the right time out of I don't know you know just one of those years forming obviously

  8. Shoulder time on branch didn't practice ankle. Lucas did not practice. Ankle. Not Watson did not practice knee Kevin Burnett was limited in practice an illness. Yeah I mean I'm not going to comment on who's going to be who's not going to be

  9. against the Packers all went had a huge game. But Seattle is the typical match of Richard Sherman got the best. And Anquan cap Burnett really compounded the 49ers lost their composure in this game and he. Mark went up to the Seattle Seahawks that quest to win

  10. choice. Now that means that outside linebacker might have if it's gonna have to feeling on the strong side which only leaves Burnett as the he's the lone healthy outside linebacker left on this unit. This Raiders team is incredibly thing considering that

  11. doesn't really necessarily complicate anything and the I think when we. When we brought these guys in and talk about Kevin Burnett common approach and Tom couldn't and we were able to draft CO. You know we felt like we had. You know four linebackers

  12. the day. With a Green Bay Packers spent a lot of their offseason preparations. Pointing toward this game facing Colin cap Burnett . The team went to Texas seen him to learn about it meaning the read option but the fact of the matter is it's not only the

  13. fun with burns I wanna ask you expect big game and you come up with that. Big hey take a senior eighth inning at bat against Burnett it was Hughes is right Obviously you know that I can pull the ball and then there and outside right now saying present the

  14. Giants lineup: Crawford, Belt, Kieschnick back in


    Sun, 25 Aug 2013

    Bruce Bochy went with a righty-heavy lineup on Saturday. On Sunday against right-hander A . J . Burnett , the Giants lineup will feature more lefties.

  15. Got a couple guys back today Kevin Burnett was back Pat Sims back out here today. Couple guys left with injuries against normal camp injuries nothing. Nothing major we

  16. well. See some of my new friend Anthony to me is that supposedly very of a variety show where Barmes C. You're new Carol Burnett . Oh wow that's how I look around at crap I I would just ask you deserve a shot that I'm right here guy you have your tweets

  17. going anywhere either there's some pretty pretty big pieces I think everybody's excited to be here and no and obviously Burnett adding anybody and that's also in I really throw a lot of young guys that are out here trying to. Showed they can do make

  18. players who are coming up we're gonna be looking for contract extensions guys whose contracts expire. After the 2014 season. Burnett Allman Smith Mike your body. Michael Crabtree or for those guys another guy who could get a big deal after this rookie deal

  19. the 49ers offense that looks far better than he did a year ago at this time would you be surprised by toll it's Colin cap Burnett . A year ago it seemed like he wasn't real comfortable standing in the pocket throwing passes Lotta times his throws were

  20. The the entire starting lineup and most of the reserve corps is brand spanking nil. On the on the weak side you have Kevin Burnett coming over from Miami. The big issue with him is can he play in a 43 scheme from the weak side after playing in a 34 for