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8.3: SFG/COL Postgame- Pat Burrell

Tue, 26 Mar 2013|

The Phillies on Tuesday released right-handed relief pitcher Aaron Cook, who was signed by the team back in January.

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  1. 8.21: Andrew Baggarly on Freddy Sanchez

    situation. Also a travesty she Cowboys in their first base over Ryan Garko was it simply a matter against the sinker ball or Aaron Cook you'd rather have a lefty and as opposed to a I think yeah Travis is four five against and so to match absolutely here

  2. Wondolowski: 'It's a huge rivalry'

    Don't love and you know hopefully do you do what Morton. Mean you know stuff on children you know it's. Yeah so. Aaron Cook finished a sense this season affiliate for the earthquakes Without LS cup championship. And if you keep your city and

  3. 7.26: SportsFlash- Rockies 4, Giants 2

    Ryan of the doubt he got rocking horse field lasted just two and two thirds innings and the Giants. Fall afforded to Aaron Cook held the Giants at bay for seven strong innings than Houston street. Put the nail in the coffin in the night the Giants

  4. 8.20: Giants/Rockies- Look Ahead

    takes a way to break him also he has establish that fastball. But both sides of the plate we'll see what happens. Aaron Cook the sinker ball will go for the Colorado Rockies take a look at our auto dot com drive it had it. He's having a good

  1. No we've got to develop things that fish to nation. It's Halloween so Dave Feldman here joined by Dave Feldman is David Cook what you have. I don't have looked at me a ball. Mentally and it doesn't this looks exactly like us look when we were nine

  2. Don't let things that cook breakfast. You know him probably least we should tomorrow plus. She. To. Participate. Have you please moment I have got it

  3. A's notes: Cook regaining form, concern over Cespedes


    Sat, 28 Sep 2013

    Bob Melvin relies heavily on his three-headed bullpen monster. Ryan Cook is picking the best possible time to straighten out his struggles.

  4. Pryor: Injury prevention is key


    Fri, 27 Sep 2013

    is. I need to make sure that they. It's it's holds true it. Definitely don't be stunning moment more. he's on the cook honey until Magellan the sampling. I could start I feel good I want My salute. This is not up to me it and it took to the boss

  5. against Rams as anything you look good natured ribbing you had a near interception in the end of a nineteen yard that. Catch by cook but then Jermaine Rocky you. Combined nicely for that nice interception and how much did this team just need that at that time

  6. It's a big win. Is important win in. It's just 11 supposed to we're going to be. People then they struggled right cook had some struggling with his command. Yeah I still have some confidence in that back in a couple yeah of course those guys have

  7. struggled little went through a period of struggle he's thrown the ball as well as he has. We'll get it ironed out with cook I feel good. Yeah and he kept Yeah you know it is bit more about taking him out of that time was a hundred plus pitches in five

  8. What are Melvin's options with Cook , Balfour 'out of whack'?


    Fri, 20 Sep 2013

    The A's bullpen has pitched Oakland to the brink of consecutive A.L. West titles, but lately Grant Balfour and Ryan cook have not been themselves.

  9. Perez: 'It was a great day'


    Thu, 19 Sep 2013

    know I stayed back comment. Well you know we're seeing your mother cooked for the whole team today your clubs got Deborah cook it's got some hits and an. Definitely you know upset at the same thing you like to Yankee Stadium tomorrow. So whenever

  10. Draymond Green's body transformation


    Wed, 18 Sep 2013

    enough in my life you know we're all the you know none of that you know you've got. somebody minorities not a cook or knocking cook you know you've made the big pretty good enough. Yeah I need to get down on my knees and pray to be more like

  11. could not get the W they led 32 going into the eighth with a two run home run from former athletic Josh Willingham off. Brian Cook was good enough to victory. What it means he is in the standings well the Rangers lost to the Pirates to the a's maintained

  12. Instant Replay: Willingham's two HRs drop A's in Minnesota


    Tue, 10 Sep 2013

    Former Athletic Josh Willingham hit two home runs, including the go-ahead shot off Ryan Cook , to drop the A's in Minnesota.

  13. it today was one of those days when they were needed. Now what I think lasted as Brian Fuentes in the mix of the closer Ryan Cook crap about four and does so many different guys today military has done a tremendous job in getting two thirds of and heading

  14. seen when do little's on and pitching well it really doesn't matter. The decision might then had Dominguez. United had cook radio didn't he's cooked and if I didn't have and that's why. You do little girl you know four Thought the play in the

  15. are gonna come up throughout the season injuries or whatever my guys are gonna have to. Be able to know multiple spots and in cook again that we trained in at the Mike also. Yeah yeah I mean you don't that was the one thing that we really looked at it that

  16. gets your attention over there on the bench to if you do bring a left hander in in and they're not afraid to mix and match cook was our most rested guy. He was thrown he had good velocity. You know the Longoria is just a little bloop hit over to right

  17. Straily roughed up, A's suffer 9-7 loss to open road trip


    Fri, 23 Aug 2013

    Dan Straily couldn't make it out of the fourth inning and Ryan Cook couldn't hold a one run lead as the A's lost 9-7 to the Orioles.

  18. No actually. Nothing wrong emphasis. You've got to eventual. Being on the field Perry David Schobel and played him. is. yesterday on film me. He it matters. Weird way you get in their video It was very. I mean. He's a to her and her whole heart. It is us. Issue here is is it especially. Green him

  19. I was walking nationals you know play. Yeah I mean. I don't know. You know if I do my job he doesn't have to come into the game first place him on some level that's on me for him having to get. really clicking. Coming in the ballgame with the guys on base and go out. There. I don't mean we have

  20. pressure outside it by now. I feel like so you know let's get it quite but I think. had to stand and market July 20 at the red light Sacramento. Against features David Cook them. In San Carlos find my banana CSN Bay Area dot com slash.