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Wed, 19 Nov 2008|

A's GM Beane shares his opinion on the A's farm system and the Olympics.


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What players excite you that about the deal happening. Also a best. Laments. And speaking in general sense this is probably the best shape or farm system's been since I've been here. And one of the reasons is because. The pitching prospects I mean we had great pitching who won here. And it came through the system Hudson Mulder Zito all were pars -- came through our system. We've now I think it's -- mile -- are starting to recreate that and we have guys. -- that they I think have a chance to be very special and we a lot of and for a small market team the most expensive commodity out there is pitching and for us to go on the free agent market and did this probably not feasible. And we've got it internally and once you have that -- after a great start so well. I would just say look at all the young pitching prospects as as opposed to saying names. That being said. One of the areas that we're in now need to focus on and it's a promise to -- we will always getting some bats. We have some kids we traded for a couple of his injury incurred -- us with. The Phillies in the Blanton deal Sean -- we drafted last year Aaron Cunningham became an. The Dan Haren deal and our number of others but it is an area that we play on focusing on the -- was first and we had a had to acquire youth obesity traitor to draft. Looking back at the start of the season how beneficial do you think of it trip to Japan us. I thought it was great I mean. I thought it was a great no I mean maybe speaking personally as much as professionally but so they -- owns you know charger over adjusted. Country like countries who really did us this kind of hard to forget. Your profession those -- great experience you know as. You know sometimes in fact we had this issue -- whip too nervous -- process pitching and Olympics. And it would have been easy for us to say no. Well we wanna -- you know were there you know we don't want anyone you know we don't want them going over there and we you know real selfish but you know. Sometimes this job allows for personal experiences that are come once in a lifetime and for us we've got to be a great experience for the kids. And something we couldn't pull away and -- you know take away from just because we wanted to sit pitcher a couple more starts and -- Millwood or something close to Japan I think. Professionally was a great experience but I think it's also one personally everybody will remember for the rest realized I know -- -- trip with my daughter -- a lifetime memory wall is.

  1. 53 man roster and about two hours following Harbaugh expressed their he lies. The forty niners did you waived linebacker Jermaine Cunningham to make rim. But the defensive tackle. In Santa I'm hearing cost rally Comcast sports net.

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    Mon, 14 Oct 2013

    The Eagles on Monday re-signed WR B.J. Cunningham to the 53-man roster and cut fourth tight end Emil Igwenagu.

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    The 49ers don't practice Tuesday but it was still a busy day, as they made three roster moves, most notably waiving third-string QB B.J. Daniels.

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    Forward Craig Cunningham and defenseman David Warsofsky were both released to AHL training camp, and veteran defenseman Mike Moore was placed on waivers for the benefit of sending him to the Providence Bruins.

  6. didn't they that you get like killers in three moves and I was grab it by the stretch I know here we are trying to make Cunningham he's like get out okay nobody. You'll see you in the Alley a dramatic series like. I know I know that kid's got it

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  11. of progress in comfortable out these suburbs. With the quarterback knows it you know he did his job he just sat down and Cunningham victim game plan stuff this week I'm pleased real quick. And so just coming in Kyrgyzstan it's in how to handle stuff

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    long have you been playing. As an individual life. Pretty much he's maybe some field. Got one that is the case. Really Cunningham . High school college. That the ones that haven't been comfortable after. A lot of late All right when he won you know

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  18. Eric van winkle scores it's fine nothing. Still the fourth Trevor reaches out blitzes singled to left. Scoring is Sean Cunningham and it's six nothing what is doubt looking to get on the scoreboard and a fine diving catch by Jesse Louis. like Jesse

  19. quarterbacks throwing to him throughout his career but also. Randy Moss has some pretty darn good quarterback still Randall Cunningham Daunte Culpepper and of course Tom Brady's so I think missed the mark on this one. All right you played the game you watch

  20. point in my career line got the high school college. A watch these young. Michael Vick a lot. you have. Last old clips of Cunningham . That there are all quarterbacks that we're mobile to make plays. The other day thing. Yeah I feel like I mean. Pretty