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8.28: Ken Rosenthal on Rich Harden and Aaron Heilman



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Fri, 28 Aug 2009|

Ken Rosenthal gives Dave Benz an update on waiver prospects Rich Harden and Aaron Heilman.


Machine Generated Transcript

Shot about to what we do know the Giants for a couple waiver claims on Aaron Heilman and Trevor Hoffman it looks unlikely that Trevor Hoffman will. Believe in Milwaukee but what about Aaron Heilman is -- real chance that he'll be shown up -- a Giants uniform. I'm at the -- would entertain a trade for Heilman he probably would not even add much in return. The bigger question is how much could comment helped the Giants. He has been successful at times in the past but it really struggled in Chicago so in terms of sheer impact you'd rather have Hoffman. But optimism for one does not wanna go anywhere we're not close. He does not have a no trade clause but obviously you would want him happy. And Milwaukee is still trying to win games -- they're not even interest -- Really and moving. And I'll likely -- the Giants religious for a waiver claim in on Sheridan to block the other teams from getting him would that be accurate. I can't say for certain that would be accurate but certainly that was I'm sure part of this thinking. Okay if we didn't find great we got Trevor Hoffman and if we don't at least then the Dodgers or Rockies can not yet.

  1. with the ball in his hands making plays where it went all the weapons that we have. Your toes that you look forward to seeing Heilman being so what about this time did you guys. Have dinner together and then maybe guys that talk about the possibility of cooperation

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