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12.3: Mychael Urban on the A's acquisitions



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Tue, 19 Jul 2011|

Ross joins Kruk and Kuip to discuss his huge two-run double in the sixth, Sandoval's home run, and Vogelsong's amazing run.


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Cody Ross drove in two of those runs more than opposite field double Cody Ross is whether -- and -- I tell us about that double. The opposite field and is -- like a lot of your teammates were we're we're very happy to see you do that. Yeah you know I'm not situation right there and just trying to. Had a ball and the outfield and I you know I haven't been very get out of this year for some reason the passes of automatic in this year's just been a struggle we get to Diane and you know just try not to do too much right there in the ball in the air and you know luckily found a gap. And I scored a couple of runs for us but also a He hit it to midnight for you put the hit your teams been looking forward -- -- keep -- you have to be able to play -- -- -- They give your team separation it was a two that the ball game -- is that the support of the ball game you would go on to score for that hitting down in that particular that. John mentioned the opposite field gap so often this year Ricci. Pull happy not using that -- the field is that something you really try to work where. I am you know I mean. It's tough in this filled with so -- so spacious and you sometimes you feel like the only way you can. They'll hit a ball hard get in the air hit home runs left and it gets in your head and you get away from your approach and you know so at some point you forget about it forget about the home runs for get out there -- instead of turning the ball the other way in. And I get some. You know try to use the film of the way and you know it's likely united -- now. Well as you say that you join a long list of guys who subsequent about hitting in this ballpark but. Fumbles on the golf challenge the big part of the tonight and He won anyone by plenty He did it mean that ball He Hillis smashed. You know I don't know I hit it -- for me it's the -- here misery here I mean. It's he's a modern day. Vladimir Guerrero wherever it's -- that matter where it pitches up and then He. The positive. You know it's balls down and away I mean he's he's he's special when he's going good he's going -- he's going to right now for us and we need them that's -- talk about starting pitcher that's been a great story for Ryan who was on the night that you guys with great defense behind them. How close of play behind to go like that that is such a blast from our whole pitching staffs are so much fun playing behind. Is gonna give you solid games. Night in night out. You know He just worked accountant and just made great pitches all night having slider right there is working perfect form and you know just kept them off balance and turned a huge double play right here and you know bullpen came in did their job just so happy for. Good buddy of mine and he's well a well deserved a picked it tonight Chris Stewart was starting catcher He got a hit was on the backswing but Aaron Miles but the the Jets took them out of the ball game after that inning. What do you know about that -- -- -- in the news from the clubhouse and that I think he's okay you know I talked so -- -- came -- -- game and -- just precautionary make sure that you know everything's -- with -- knew it was scary that's for -- in this. -- have done it -- catcher before and you know it's a bad feeling as a hitter. Feel that and I can imagine what it feels like it's a catcher being on the receiving end but. You know were open he's he's OK He seems like he's okay. You know definitely can't lose another guy that's that your. But you guys -- off on a roll right now and you seem to be great confidence does. This is that is a couple of level. Getting higher on this team. It is and were playing -- -- appointed defense pitching is. It's always good for us and it was just a matter of going mountain and and produce informed and runs up off early in. You know tonight we did that we opened up for. You know that the big game for us and you know it was there's a good win for -- need to start off back home against the Dodgers. It can -- better way on. So tonight Cody Ross the Giants beat LA Colin many thanks thanks to our group. Tony was to hit night and that big two run double to right center field. In that big inning of big inning for the Giants at home -- they still have not scored more than six resident game here. But a four run inning that that's it's like gold -- those seven run games are coming. -- -- But tonight they didn't need him it was the right -- assault story and in tonight for the very first time. He's finally surpassed him out of games played by the Giants but the number of innings that he's pitched and He qualifies as being that are ERA guy. And the way historians such energy that this club was pulled off all year long -- bubbles that a ball has realized that the two of those guys have been. Just energy pure energy and tonight in. In a game that you know they wanted to get off to a good start -- -- -- the chance for the can really hurt the Dodgers the Dodgers for twelve games in the loss column behind the night. And and the Dodgers -- look at the series is being a big part of the -- -- year. If they're gonna get back into it they had to make a move because the Giants so tonight this was this was a nail the coffin.

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