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Thu, 1 Sep 2011|

Damon Andrews has your Morning Minute for Thursday, Sept. 1.


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Good morning welcome to the month of September I'm Damon answers with your morning minute the Giants moved -- -- before they ever hit the field designating outfielder Aaron Rowand for assignment. Sitting veteran packing while eating the remaining money owed to him this year in twelve -- Oh to roll and in 2012 Miguel Tejada was also designated for assignment the infielder. Was and this and that never really worked out as He struggled both offensively and defense. Meanwhile on the field to -- -- spot about beating the Cubs for their. Sergio Romo finished the Giants eleven set -- the season with a 123 ninth despite the win the Giants finished. The month of August would just eleven victory -- He was in a month since April of 09 but despite that. Madison I'm -- -- happy to get his club back on track. Felt good you know I don't think grew -- that much off. Plays early last year with the Padres but that's obviously now we're gonna leave them. You know they're -- those -- and -- -- I -- result out of it. In Cleveland it was BA's -- of the Indians Oakland lost a heartbreaker in sixteen innings order of three tough way for marathon again but BA's. Also fought the battle former athletic Jack Shanahan who -- two homers. In the game and you walk off single Oakland had opportunities in the tenth eleventh and twelfth stranding six runners in the third. In the third frames leaving the bases full in the twelfth inning they have now dropped five straight games. But the NFL serve then that is a blocked up their running back for the next three years Frank Gore finalize his contract extension that was given to him for keeping his head down to score touchdowns. NFL teams know -- a hard man McCants but our menu -- caught up -- Just -- known dehumanize a solo home. -- on the road then they've been on the media and and owns his base percentage is -- because because of noticed him from being honest when me and no -- do -- No excuse for years. They Comcast sports net is your home for the start of the college football season coming up. Mississippi State at Memphis at 5 o'clock following the game it is chronicle live on Comcast sports net Bay Area followed by the late edition of sports net central. You spend your morning minute.

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  1. heralded guy as far as a prospect goes. More spot starter and relief flash here in the series settled into the into a starting rowand doing pretty well right now. Would you think of adults and just overall aggressive play in general he's doing everything

  2. is that as we viewed the rest of the free agent market. We really felt it was in our best interest to bring Affeldt. School rowand and and gun back in and we really didn't have alternatives. In our minor league system up and coming young players like we

  3. been getting a lot of reasons he's so. Is it seemed more real. you know actually get this week it. They're probably feel rowand once we get down there you know I feel like you basically for us you know. I'm coming and practicing and doing the same thing

  4. then they said. Bet the refs awarded Jim not one but two extra time what what happened there. Well of the they refereed can rowand . Allowed Jim Harbaugh ought to call a time now. And being changed from the time out to the challenge. So when he called his

  5. a little bit better but. Nominated and efforts out of the way and we got a WX it's going to be good and we're gonna get rowand . But Tom obviously looking at your minor league numbers you have the ability to strike guys out but tonight no strikeouts three

  6. there confused. I guess. Greg Robinson dials up the blitz. And all of a sudden He starts getting out of the pocket throw in. Rowand hail Mary and make your stuff out there who we all know He can do that guard anybody and now. Certainly in the town home

  7. 9.27: Stanford practice -- David Shaw


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    that if you if you let them run and how they wanna run it. You have a long day and they've shown they get it when they get rowand it's pretty good Tex had a tough time stopping at times and they had admittedly running this Texas and they. Did a good job

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    The rowand that is NFL here you and a for the 49ers to serve what your action on this come about. it's an exciting time just because

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    I'm Damon answers with your morning minute the Giants moved before they ever hit the field designating outfielder Aaron Rowand for assignment. Sitting veteran packing while eating the remaining money owed to him this year in twelve Oh to roll

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  12. The Giants' GM and Skipper discuss the DFA's of Tejada and Rowand and the call-up of Brett Pill and reinstatement of Pat Burrell

  13. like show that He can do more than baseball. Chris Paul and like about pressure what do you think me and everybody liked it rowand who lodge Chris Mullen they're like oh He overcame a lack buses. Yeah dude he's one of the best players in NBA history

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    that inning and you're facing a lefty tomorrow the heat or you planning to do with Andre snow tomorrow. Well it's tomorrow rowand it's going to be. And again league. we're gonna gonna keep. You've to plan and what went into ordinance. Earlier working

  16. Rowand talks about his big day at the plate with Duane and Mike

  17. Aaron Rowand and Chris Stewart discuss Tim Lincecum's career and what he needs to do today to get back on track.

  18. CSN Bay Area back count I did graduate your morning minute let's start in Arizona where the Giants enjoy a cushion. Atop the NL west that they Fifth straight win over the Arizona Diamondbacks the latest coming on Wednesday night fives still played pretty big game for Bill Hall who. the teams go

  19. Aaron Rowand discusses his game-saving play in left field in the 8th, and Madison Bumgarner's outstanding performance.

  20. Kruk and Kuip discuss Aaron Rowand's amazing play in left field that was the difference in the game.