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5.28: BAL/OAK postgame -- Cliff Pennington


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Sat, 24 Aug 2013|

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I don't hear that and Jones the Baltimore Orioles. In fact you UN says yeah. Although it looked like that. What's going. I think. Okay. Remember he put on the show for everybody. -- And so many of the. And everybody that's just my. Yeah yeah. Nomar is like yeah. Hell yeah. Sure is a lot of occasions. It's over my head. They had a recipe. Build back up from. Yeah got after us. Everybody says that he didn't progress these sports and I. Good work. Okay you like most. It's. My game. And really hurt us. It's it's. Body pull yourself at least I had it's an on the -- -- That's when I think. Good show which was. We -- we have been made to get him having one little thought process there. -- the globe Monday night. Just -- hasn't felt. Like you have one. Still want have you talked to the ball that Russell. Much notice as he. President this is cool. Oh sure whenever we get closer job. We'll match but I don't title you know -- Without. Title -- title in the press you. It's. Because of the name. -- shot. You -- your first. Adam Jones just -- the title unification match. Thank you --

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    I don't hear that and Jones the Baltimore Orioles . In fact you UN says yeah. Although it looked like that. What ..... you. It's. Because of the name. shot. You your first. Adam Jones just the title unification match. Thank you

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  20. Prove that there is no off season baseball here he is Giants insider Andrew bag early and Andrew what ..... determined by the way the top. I believe the top fifty players in baseball paid. And so it comes in at about thirteen fourteen million