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5.26: Rosenthal on A's 2B Adam Kennedy



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Tue, 19 Feb 2013|

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For clicking on CSN Bay Area dot com with -- -- Giants insider regularly I am I'm afraid this is a total bullpen segment and -- talk about the guys that the back in front of that bullpen starting. With the injuries and scary -- first kind of bit of news we've had here at camp has been a whole lot of that Javier Lopez going down in the outfield looked scary from the beginning. In some obvious pain now but it turns out not to be that big -- deal. -- whenever you see you guys sprawled on his back in the outfield grass during and he drills on the field you you automatically get concerned for what's going on and -- traders did take Lopez underneath. He went for precautionary tax rates are not a throw short -- them and just him in the wrong spot. Junior's wrist on his left hand bounced up and hit him in the face for good measure but no fractures just a contusion maybe he'll take a day or two off. And not even a fat -- for photo day tomorrow but you know what even though it's very very minor injury it's just a good reminder we're talking about the giants' roster and now. They have maybe two or three jobs up for grabs a fifth outfielder at twelve men on the ball and needed extra infielder but. Injuries can really change the calculus in a heartbeat you know somebody like Dan -- to get on the team because the Lopez gets hurt and I've seen it many times in fact. When I cover the Angels one year Adam Kennedy I got hit by a pitch broke his hand and allowed a non roster guy in camp -- him next enemy the club and he ended up having a great career. A World Series MVP he got to start the season on the team which nobody saw coming so. They're all kinds of stories that happen in spring training and I guess that the messages stay -- And it worked out pretty well for David next time anyone that you brought up was that Dan runs I talked him a couple of days ago he's a guy come back from an injury he says he's a 100% now. Pretty packed bullpen with a lot of lefties but you said an injury here an injury there could open up a spot for him he looked pretty good up. Yeah and -- again. With the blessings of health everybody's help the Astros coaching could you even possibly see any scenario where you could carry four lefties in your bullpen and -- she you know said well you know. You wouldn't rule it out in and you don't rule anything out this time of year. And I think that runs -- really gonna have to -- indoors often overwhelms some people to make this team because they are gonna need another right hander that and along with. Sergio Ramos Santiago Casilla and their George contours of meanings on that job. But wrestler really has come along way used to have with scouts called a segmented delivery worries disorder herky jerky. But he's smooth a lot of that out he's got a much more consistent release point now. And -- pitchers -- -- where they want to get he wants them to go in a nice. I'll live BP session today and we all know what it looks like when he's on he's throwing 94 from the left side. With a pretty good sliders so that'll play in the big leagues as we spoke you said he's got a big league armies too good to be in the minors for long. Herky jerky motion and a lot of times that Abrams does go with something like that it -- -- it runs at the end of the bullpen no Brian Wilson and Mori's. Horry on any Major League roster at this point we do have Sergio Romo Bruce -- is that is the clothes are gonna get the lion's share of the opportunities going forward. He's been so effective righty lefty but there are still a couple questions with room one night. What you you wonder about Romo is her ability that's always been a question with them because he's by attending doesn't -- whole lot he -- a lot of sliders that's tough on the elbow and he has little bouts -- elbow soreness and sometimes those trick knees give out a little bit too so. The fiscal their abilities and Angel customary note that. What also is going to be a question things -- mental your ability because even though he's really proved himself in the post season that confrontation with Jay Bruce with the whole season on the line and you can forget that. Of course throwing that really gutsy pitcher right down the middle to I get Miguel Cabrera Triple Crown winner to win the World Series. But there's a difference I think in terms of your mental durability being the closer day in and day out during the season. You know if you blow two saves in a row how do you come back from that and we know that Romo is taken it. Really hard when he's been beaten in the past Hanley Ramirez had his number a couple times and we know -- and we are gonna table probably wasn't doctor giant. Rivalry games on the line maybe even some -- make. Decide the division so romo's really gonna have to prove his physical and mental or ability to -- -- something for CSN Bay Area dot com which Romo really answered a lot of those questions have checked that out. And he told us that he does that say you know guys trying to take food off of his table he said I like that -- I like to eat. We like the trio CSN bags on Twitter Ahmed Fareed CSN thanks for -- and CSN Bay Area now.

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