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Adrian Beltre

12.8: Mychael Urban on the A's

Wed, 10 Jul 2013|

Adrian Beltre had two homers and a season-high five RBIs to help the Rangers beat the Orioles, 8-4, Tuesday night.

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  1. 12.8: Mychael Urban from the Winter Meetings

    the DH spot and hey what about Adrian Beltre . Well at DH spot what that does ..... more of a contender if they get Adrian Beltre there's been reports that days ..... Five years 64 million dollars to Adrian Beltre but Scott Boras the super agent

  2. 12.6: Billy Beane on Chronicle Live

    out there that you made and offered Adrian Beltre that I read read took that offer ..... base to third base does that prevent Beltre . To going to Boston and what that ..... of an offer back on the table for Beltre . Well you know the one of the things

  3. 12.16: Barry Zito with Greg Papa and Mychael Urban

    agents out there Matt Holliday. And Adrian Beltre be able pricey for the Giants I don ..... they're really just didn't. Beltre is a possibility think that that'll all capitals signed Beltre put him at third move pop over first

  4. 11.11: Chronicle Live -- Bob Melvin

    is more front office job and that is that is a sticking point you know there're. You know they made overtures did Adrian Beltre last year and Lance Berkman last year and weren't able to land them partly because of you know the venue that we

  1. but. Who knows and I had a frustrating. You know this time we didn't I was trying to work for yeah. On if you didn't Beltre back but. You know I certainly ending this. And Pretty good stuff and subject to those can part of you know when all over

  2. wanna get hit a few pitchers if they didn't is so tough situation so. I'll I'll have bill that would make the play in the Beltre wasn't tag if so try to get the double off the second. And speaking of pitchers mean as a starting pitching has been really

  3. s gotten better about it and he does it in a big ballpark to. Michael choice first game ground ball book gold Glover like Beltre figure out the busses but down linemen and a score in around and talk about. You know that young enthusiastic yeah. And they

  4. giving us an I don't know if you know it but you'd get a ground ball to probably one of the best third baseman in baseball Beltre made a rare for you to But didn't score in front of Coco Crisp then you know your first at bat but to get a run up big run

  5. got some balls in the middle of the plate seem like during kind of coming back to the plate. And you even the ball like to Beltre and that he it's a was a pretty good pitch. We got the barrel on it. So just not his best stuff tonight. get a lot of chances

  6. MLB Wrap: Beltre goes deep twice in Texas win


    Wed, 10 Jul 2013

    Adrian Beltre had two homers and a season-high five RBIs to help the Rangers beat the Orioles, 8-4, Tuesday night.

  7. s sitting on the bench for a long time and the first inning he could not have on our fans what Murphy 93 hour fastball. To Beltre two home runs re runs that's only gave up. But he put his changeup the first after that he started Billick and maybe just

  8. used to be the I don't know we got the job and I'm Alex you know and Beltre while you were standing at second it was like you were being held on by the first baseman Beltre was way off the Published today inside with a pitcher when your second

  9. usually in the ninth out of necessity that. You know you got to throw a strike there and could call their size 30. Swing in Beltre hits a homer in. You know and then incomes who's been swinging the bat pretty well it's another so away. You know it looked

  10. Instant Replay: A's squander golden opportunity in 10th


    Tue, 14 May 2013

    Adrian Beltre and Mitch Moreland hit 10th-inning solo home runs to break a 4-4 tie while the A's rally came up short in a 6-5 loss to the Rangers.

  11. really came down to the one that badly Beltre . You saw the strategy going the very ..... the eighth inning in that situation and Beltre who was a very good hitter. Woody brought ..... Sean Doolittle in that situation but so Beltre that's left hand. But his power. Hit

  12. speak for themselves. The Rangers slow the six to one Arroyo as well terrific for six and a third. Scott Hamilton and Adrian Beltre ability Texas got red X solo shot accounting for the lone. We've won eight out of nine we've been playing pretty

  13. their ground balls. There it's what they're balls. Understand. Two seamer and although it was gonna do is that in all. Beltre break. Could very easily been right at their own horn. So no I just trying to. Stay with the playing of the pollsters He

  14. 10.5: Morning Minute


    Wed, 5 Oct 2011

    Riordan told Rebecca. Wilson is on the diamond but these teams are the just an ALCS spot with a 43 win over the rays. Adrian Beltre hit three homers the Yankees even up their series with the one win over Detroit in the National League. pinch hit

  15. their first half finale in Texas with a two nothing loss to the Rangers Trevor video. Kept Texas off the board until Adrian Beltre took him deep with a two run shot in the sixth. That was all the Rangers needed against an offensively and after slot

  16. place team. Yeah there's no doubt and I think. Two is set a shut out twice and you can analyze the Hamilton at bat that Beltre at bats the walk to two run home run. Bottom line the but they zero often. When you don't score runs for a pitcher. Trevor

  17. Brian Wilson picks up his third win that these men. Yea he's not a lucky they face the Rangers in Texas and lost 72 Adrian Beltre hit a two run home run. Colby Lewis pitched into the eighth inning Texas won this game without injured sluggers Josh

  18. American League west Texas won it last year when all the way to the World Series they lost Vladimir Guerrero ahead of Adrian Beltre Sports Illustrated is the Oakland days to overtake them in the win the west over the Rangers your game. We'll well

  19. hitter. Matsui was a left handed hitter I guess is that Adrian Beltre now officially got to the age at this cars fortified their offense do you think in the offseason. Well until Adrian Beltre actually signed the contract or somebody else I think

  20. 12.7: Bob Geren on Chronicle Live


    Wed, 8 Dec 2010

    really appeals to these guys nowadays anyway. Yeah he offered Beltre a heck of a lot of money so that certainly would be one thing ..... going to Boston they're not going to be an opening prayer for Beltre there might he come back and play to be that middle of the order