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  1. knows how to we. Did you learn about Floyd in this fight what did you learn about Cotto and We'll simply about Ko I simply Cora did everything I felt he was going to be an oppressive and comes in and make it very interesting fight. One thing I about Floyd

  2. couple years. It's going to be ready to make that significant jump. absolutely. You know right now they have there they're Cora in the big leagues says that set right now they just won the World Series. And I know he's not us down there in the minors

  3. chomping at the bit I don't your You you wanna come back or it's absolutely. The good. But he. It is what it is. it was it. Cora when he came out of me half maybe so that was it tough ended. He's going to take an issue some maybe it was a tough to get

  4. And it takes at bat and he missed a month that. And now you know you have a guy of less talent I don't think he would borrow Cora is fastest Hamilton heads. He's very young too cute so. He's aware of what they're trying to do now and I think he

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    I secured but it's then. More than a decade and before he became the last season. Isn't that capacity with Kansas City Cora and Marty Schottenheimer were things are kind of simply run fifty power era that over and over again are. So what what are they

  6. wasted no particularly out of contents and and ran with it then knife column and apologize. Because get a little you know we're Cora tried to your across we can at all he suppose to talk. You know now I don't try to do fate token justice you know lucky Dolan

  7. mr. unbelievable thrown just unbelievable shots on the the ability to pull that off. Now that I believe that trophy room. Cora gave the name when I was from forty minutes back to back and was still going you know fallen where I was home. Win when you

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    but either way I don't think it's gonna sway my decision one way or the other. Your your numbers in high school and no nor Cora nor nor hi Southern California just incredible. He rushed for the most yards of any California running back in history third

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    responded and finished shop basis. Founded there whatever they didn't do to get to win another slow the ball down. Ran the ball Cora made a couple that the AFC's day came in did a terrific job off the And Omar knocked out of themselves and you know when I