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STG 2.24: Urban Home Movies, Scottsdale, AZ- Kevin Frandsen and Alex Hinshaw: The Hair Interview


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Wed, 24 Feb 2010|

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-- it's Wednesday Giants camp and accurate my blog yesterday's you read these two guys -- quickly become my favorite Giants Kevin Frandsen. Is on the right Alex -- is on the left. As for my job my my mission in this -- and make you guys media superstars both of -- that I don't wanna be. C'mon now that means it will of course be immediate super serving journalists feel all the time and get things done that's us that's what you want now. That person people. For 56 just mariners' most beautiful people know it's if people just you know walk on the street saying. -- -- We're talking about -- highlights yup that's not natural amended honestly don't supporters -- sentence on all day for Owens played. Naturally which it. Now if we can over here. I believe that we did. -- number it was your cousin yeah cousin she's definitely highlighted is there. So as we to tell his life and his wife fortunately I want him to look better. Did she do for for your cousin I absolutely yeah if favor that you -- You've still got to -- -- -- man.

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  2. Barrett now question we've been asking everybody here what's what's the best part about spring training. Kevin you offered no one else out there for hope bootstrap we talk about that nickname. Bootstrap Bill Wilson and walker decided on that that I looked like land of one. of the here because I