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Meet Giants hitting coach, Sir Hensley Muelens



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Tue, 8 May 2012|

Giants hitting coach Hensley Muelens was honored by his homeland of Curacao with knighthood.


Machine Generated Transcript

Yeah when you've already got a nickname like bam bam title seems unnecessary. But this one packs quite a bunch -- and stimulants. Sure of the status of Ritter can do Ortiz on four lines Nationale from Pietrus queen of the Netherlands translation. -- -- So it was decree on queen's day April 30. You might have noticed that big to do we Golden Gate Park with the really big win -- Keeping his television -- -- -- the united between. Millions hails from these Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao not exactly traditional baseball hotbed so it's gaining steam. -- big leaguers like Andruw Jones and Ken Lee Janzen represented. And the group called the baseballs did play on queens day concert in 2000 Ted. So there's that you know little by little you know your -- you mentioned more. In terms of newness -- -- -- has always been one of the more laid back guys inside the giants' clubhouse affable approachable. But there is some concern that this newfound status might be going to his head. Would you want -- and do some bam bam stimulus pushing because. -- -- -- -- -- serve if I columns are you you look at -- was it. There's none of them and some in the clubhouse. -- my -- way no matter around plus -- out of a B and Tomei kneeled down there about a my shoulder and that's weird and. You know I thought I was a little bit over the top when it came up -- demanded that I do the lineups and pop him and tell a lot of about the that some of us there. The Wimbledon -- so Malo -- son nobody. I think it's like. Maybe not so much the caps he wants instituted for Friday night home games at the Friday nights you know with a K since -- the dress code may not fly but the code of conduct among you -- minions as manifested itself beautifully this young season. Giant hitters no doubt inspired by their first -- pinch warrior. When nights has got a curveball he -- Ferguson about just what his -- is his swing is sort of having a refined head AT&T park Scott please Comcast sports net.

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