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7.12: Urban Home Movies- All-Star Week- Angel Stadium Concourse



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Thu, 22 Mar 2012|

Andrew Luck talks exclusively with Scott Reiss after Pro Day his performance.


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Well Landry threw 48 balls officially I guess 49 with the extra into the wind about 76 yards if I -- but to hear your thoughts on your performance here for a. I thought it was a great day you know it's fun for you know for me the author of our guys -- yours that has a lot of draft eligible guys you know for either of those who. Whalen and and Jeremy Stewart took just to throw -- the -- was really fun and I thought I've missed showed what I needed to show in rose's conduct. It's -- about the comfort zone of of doing this here knowing that your guys fitted for. Familiar surroundings as opposed to doing it -- the confines of stale by. Now -- actually did go on the practice field and on. -- times I thought our guys have found Julio for four years that it makes it a little easier and a few other. Took to regain that rhythm that -- with a few also it was it was good to get to do with those. You took the last few months off from school has begun to sunk in that this really is the new phase of your existence. I guess so little bit you know this a lot of my. My focus on his pro day sort of figure out much else than I realized that you know who you -- my professional hope for this football coach for a while there are no longer college student I guess I am taking classes started April again but. Now it's it's a great opportunity to excited. I like your chances by the way in making football your profession. Along those lines and and I even asked this a thousand times but. You know the the concept of being the number one pick in the NFL draft -- what does that mean to you. Our -- you know obviously nothing's set in stone mountain top in -- about about a -- problem -- -- via. The -- on it and do a great opportunity. And have the Colts to talk to the end and I know nothing's been done officially but have different conversations. I think I've talked to coach Christian some of their quarterback coach today out on the field and I've. Talked to coach forgot a couple times on the phone so there's there's been nice open communication barrier between myself and some coaches. Is there anything that you wanna. Get better -- I mean is that when asked that your game Bedard comedy do this in the pros you know my -- step -- up -- -- Not slower than here it's still a cliche but you know it's got some work on. Wanted every -- every facet of my number. But especially you know sorting everything up quickening everything up and of those and those milliseconds count -- in a -- I want to make sure I'm giving myself my my teammates receivers the team the best chance and so -- -- the ball but over the ball supposed to go I can get there that much quicker than. From the deal and the plug for Stanford and 41 round picks to play -- awesome. Good -- would be very -- I think can be improved to stop a lot and -- you know I think. For his wonderful athlete and great I've ever or -- phone from past years you know from what I saw on film and know what it and today him and jumping ends its catches route runner yankees. Helio this is a special player and and to continue to do. So this is probably the last time we'll do this on this campus you know next time Ogilvy and Angel Stadium near you that. And -- you kind of wrap your brain around the fact that you're about to be professional football player. You know not too much -- get too far ahead of myself and that's still have the dropped -- -- and I know I don't nothing's set in stone completely per say but. You know I'm I'm I'm excited for the opportunity I really am. Looking forward to. And before you officially leave can you sum up. What you would like keep your legacy at Stanford guy now. Hopefully a lot of wins you know football wise I think Theo took some for some good seasons -- government and hopefully guard Campbell's progress on and off the field in dollars or goes back. We'll let you go about your day that I appreciated --

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