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6.3: The Weekend Riff with Matt and Mychael



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  2. Ivory Coast3:26, 3:45, 4:07
  3. World Cup3:09
  4. Armando Galarraga1:44
  5. Celtics2:17, 2:40, 3:01
  6. civil war3:31, 3:44, 3:59
  7. Pitch depth3:13
  8. prediction market2:44
  9. instant replay1:10, 1:15
Thu, 3 Jun 2010|

Urban says the Ivory Coast will be World Cup Champions; Steinmetz confuses umps and authors. Plus, viewer mail.


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I everybody welcomed the weekend rip Michael Irvin math assignments we get right into into that. Today. Okay. Let's get right to perfect game that wasn't yet. Baseball guy with your thoughts on that. Rocket is the best per game Peppers twenty out there when it's that. Ramirez and obviously injuries. In the world knows I think he made the wrong call. And let's -- in my heart today. Is that he's being lauded as some sort of hero because she gives me a call hello wrong school newspaper game up. Blah blah blah that's easy to do in -- in the moment. I think that if you take control. If you remove you go from -- recognize special circumstances. US your fellow are up there precedent for that -- the group together -- -- call right then -- stave off. This torrent of talk about instant replay what's that -- -- like he reached the biggest nightmare it's instant replay. If you just gone to your fellow substitute let's get this call right then you don't newspapers and talk and it -- Well what I think is umpires. Writers -- thought he goes you know this is the same guy who wrote comedians right. He's still one of the best umpires baseball. You've got some credit he's got he's got outside of baseball portion of the art what is happening -- the -- -- hundreds. The big catch and throw Armando Galarraga. What does that Finnegan is way -- errors. Yeah it's expected to him you exchanged -- the kid -- -- good -- -- Well -- Pitcher in Iraq. That's why don't like the -- I cannot believe -- -- keep that and I'm gonna look like a pool you don't get. No I was trying to talk about a significant sporting issues that everybody in the country's top. And you're trying to press people like Bradford that are high NBA finals like. Like the Celtics they get. I think it's. Remember -- elbows or studio audience of one. I'm catching today -- and tell people like. Think's gonna win is okay it's okay -- It's a big series. To see either team when the Lakers in the room Celtics are still right there yeah. I have to make a prediction market just enjoy fans soon of course I got three minutes performance from time to enjoy it's it's it's your job -- it. I get that all the time. Don't want -- you know something that you -- optimist I'll predicting the Lakers are gonna win this theories I'm predicting on the roof of the Celtics though. It's a group so it's -- that it. I got World Cup coming up. We know here are beautiful. Pitch depth explanation yet but you went through will do yeah. -- -- -- real life I don't know what they're not gonna win -- but I like Ivory Coast. You wrote about this guy virtually ended his country's civil war by himself. But being sports star understands responsibility and that on national TV. After -- country's biggest games when the qualifier for the world he did some passion speeds you know about civil war and Ivory Coast. I'm talking real world events and you don't forget things way. It single handedly stop countries anymore. Are you cannot get an excellent teachers obviously they -- -- clearly wasn't much of the civil war. One guy can stop the word you -- not to 25 or six million people. In Ivory Coast. You know -- -- it and -- Really gamers because ready to throw all their hands in surrender one guys words while -- -- field. -- -- it's -- I was terrible call by Jim Joyce on Wednesday crossing Galarraga a perfect game. One of the biggest players in sports history. Gets me to thinking. Which your guys' biggest blunder and immediately toughness. My it was a typo and I'm gonna blame to creditors it snuck past. But of Reading about an injury that's debunked -- when he is going to be definitely -- right. He had a bulging disk. In his neck. I'm just typed disk. So yeah bolting something else in his neck and one of his teammates took it upon themselves to. Load up poster -- quoted in the locker Esteban. And highlight it and tenure with this on wouldn't talk to me -- That type -- nobody wants -- -- that in his neck. That type of c'mon Steve tonight. I'll tell you minds we can't -- Well -- back.

  1. that's what it's about right now and so. We just need to find that would just go around because we feel that if it was Galarraga . We gonna have the support from our pitching staff. And as a sort of looking for home runs do you approach. Being so

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    Wed, 19 Jan 2011

    now let's go to of Camby are Marty. Galarraga out there Armando just miss the perfect ..... Fixed you know up front office insisted. Galarraga absolutely I think they have to look ..... get hurt than Wellemeyer who went down Galarraga should've had a perfect game but for

  3. have I don't know they have. Writer saying yeah being aggressive is going know Warner like one Tony Gonzales got those Galarraga . Is out there isn't playing that he'd like Atlanta Atlanta. Okay and yeah. Not to just anybody else 151000 dollars