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  1. pressured step up and you know keep the team in the game. No I just seven plays the games cause for. There's a first half whose Chapman room across half court and do the right plays he didn't see big make plays freedom. Not to force it. So these states that

  2. that we have to keep it. Aggressiveness and it's those of plan Q. So you. Curious do. Our guys they're great Joseph Chapman and when he came off the screen and you know address what's moving the top. I had to kind of play to hand me a and we want

  3. Bailey was unbelievable through seven innings and then Bailey gets pulled after just 88 pitches. And yeah Marshall came in and Chapman came in and did the job a daily stays in the ballgame to push those guys that maybe had a different outcome. And then you

  4. that haven't walks season. You know it's you know it's gonna come down a lot of things I'm not hopefully not just Chapman . There. You know Warriors two balls that happening right. It was obviously. You know he still has great news two win

  5. tables that is beyond. And also just Ours who's gonna close for the Giants have a three headed monster the have Iran this Chapman down there so it's a matter of getting guys out make a sort of situations work for you anytime you get some guys.

  6. Jordan good you know look what once again. Aren't they in the fourth those guys down fifteen for mic button but looking Chapman for eighteen. close. Yeah it's a bloody and for the onside kick chipped with the plate with the wildcats recovered based

  7. have you thinking and attitude and a high school and high schools in and behind. Stated on an percent in years he went to Chapman college in nineteen ceiling. And that finally got engaged in eighty married in 81. Not yet married in 81 so eighty hidden

  8. Conversation. This Stanford head football coach. David shot there pleasure that Chapman once again and that it's heavier but he's undefeated everybody is going to be number one in the country. And if you're not

  9. lot of linebackers in there as well you gotta get somebody that. The back of Rolando McClain in the middle but if you get a Chapman then you have the ability to throw some hybrids and a 34 defense so you get any more linebackers that way anyway so I'm focusing

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    out there was he welcoming you back revealing but certainly you know. And not yeah and yeah. I've seen you back this. Chapman film has with the guys in the first inning what was your crosses like Your personal best. Well on this. Around play. That

  11. now it's three to nothing. It's getting close to the late innings and they get here we go again. We write about Josh Chapman did an outstanding job faced the minimum the first four innings had they won it violated and a double play. Great defense

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    Helen called I don't think it it is number twelve and I can't grant elsewhere will be in the backfield eighty Acre Josh Chapman and think ethnic ethnic and and. And it really got it out lefty logic is like that is now let's go to of Camby are Marty

  13. Were you. You want that in his mind you want but by that. You know I economy Gartner. Himself. You can won a game played Chapman passed. Q is focused on tonight's game. All. The but he expected be different and So. To with me. Star. Forward. And

  14. Trevor Immelman


    Tue, 31 Mar 2009

    prize giving him Manny you guys have. Not you know with the members get to meet some of the members and spent some time of the Chapman . And you know that they're real girl to get him to spend some time of the members there and finish up with all you media