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9.7: SFG/ARI Postgame- Tim Lincecum



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Wed, 8 Sep 2010|

"Just keep the thing rolling..."


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You know as they did just that keep the thing wrong there I think it had a pretty good role of a few innings there in the beginning. We just quick cut quick counts. They're in the office back in the dugout but. Yeah -- -- when things are going that way between yourself and at a position obviously to -- Gonna get the offense a chance that the winner put up -- runs little did you know Florida and outfielder tighter. You know. Complacent I guess you can say so. Yeah I -- just trying to throw strike one restrictive so those big -- -- if there was some concern media that he could. -- back to -- quality starts and it do you have any concern about it and I miss so it should certainly feel like he put it out of your mind quickly. Yeah I mean I'm not worried about that I mean just. -- and bring some of the table that they did and I'm throwing so not that turns and a couple caught his Arthur Rhodes saw somebody if not -- usually give us a chance when I thought. Arizona Kiley played every play the -- three run homer off you in San Francisco read before you faced them did your last outing against Arizona serve. As any kind of fuel for you and -- you performed tonight. Yeah it yes and no I mean ours is more or less thinking you know he's gonna do some negative get a win here and completed the series so. Moreno. And those things are kind of far from my minor adjustments to the win. How helpful was it to have three runs to work with in the first inning guys got on the board quickly player who. -- meaning there's a chance to relax. Hopeless at this that's pays for the goose for the rest of the game and you know did nothing but help me out going to establish others.

  1. particular left right it was that week. And admitted it is Friday's practices are very intense and I can remember nor ray Rhodes and in Miami just Q does it in the scout teams face and and tell them you know. This who we got to do it and being very intense

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    ahead. Heads up led by Martin tracks it down for the score lit up by six on the second quarter and then Brooks gave Wagner Rhodes College jobs back and finds that on the short screen pass. The workers spent some time with Tim does he kicks the ball goes

  3. Rhodes agree street to have. That's one that quarterback. Any quarterback would be proud to have. And like that. I'll take care

  4. T park in left field bleachers you can buy extra point Or is it. Huge it all scout and then you know what you were you'll Rhodes scholar at Wisconsin I'm just picking up where you put it unbelievable. Which of the following. Is a Packers training camp

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    what. Attracted you. To whatever you're racing now as opposed to drag racing what about the regular you you raced on real Rhodes could be dirt rainy rainy and could be think that's what attracted you to that. I'm rally racing has always been the ultimate

  6. re just trying to identify who they are. stadium's always been intrigued by a rigorous examinations after all. He was a Rhodes scholar and about usual was pretty remarks. Yeah. Doctor drew it's. Tatum play golf at both Oxford and Stanford later in

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    Mean if it's like you to recruit intestinal missed shots for us it's. Get them. I'll live. You are soon you know and Rhodes were should small. Do you become a starter. You know and this on this team victory and also from IR work towards Martin veteran

  8. hasn't won their quarterbacks up for the years. The Jets and yet. Top eight in here drew Schiller. Wooden award winner and Rhodes scholar. Academic all American first team AP and you PI believe your senior year you TI love you ride it out. And Reuters

  9. coached me. In grade school I think Tom's requirements where ever knew. Got to cut the head coaching job it's I Charles Rhodes is a variant. It was a tough go low power has some great friends that scenario Ellen Barry rally have some different them to

  10. really on the same page and things like. Yeah yeah we've. thought Taylor. long talk with there. So you know we don't Rhodes What we're doing. With the personnel. There's a 49ers. And you know full disclosure I mean there's there words. There

  11. of this year to me it did bowl bid. And that's starting staff of me just make it easy for this offense and unfortunately this Gresham got a few Rhodes . The big stick three out of four here in San Diego took place for the Giants to win.

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    probably use some runs for them. Axis of Cleveland force you know we've been scuffling and we know it. And well apartment Rhodes could break the streak and that it takes well pitched game it. We know knowing that. We have some big hits tonight something

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    our players in the in the third and too much who have an opportunity. You know I think we want to have only split and become Rhodes sort of gone back so we 31. And off to a last game we lost in the last we will we weren't close to nonconference games so

  14. Durocher. Yeah when you first got up to New York you had dusty Rhodes on one side or the other night you're here they got together ..... Bobby Bonds is a terrific outfielder and he's not like dusty Rhodes will he would also know what's good about care about so did

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    Sit down Tyson Ross and after Sue Josh Donaldson. Reassigned to minor leagues. We're gonna go with the Liverpool on. Rhodes is going to be or utility infielder. Landon Powell will be certain catch. Infielders if it was that kind of hook loafers all

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    greatest sportscaster in Columbus, Ohio. History long before Woody Hayes was punching out Clemson kids on the sideline. Gary Rhodes are there are rate we're talking the even land a hard job but enough about you Steve I was actually over there. They have

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  18. located flying UCL have to play new exploit that. When Sosa really great to to a defensive guys Freddy Sanchez whose son Cody Rhodes who suffer suffer Buster Posey and that really. He was at that's at type. lights of the dugout. That's who'd got the

  19. I mean this guy is all of a sudden they took a major impact I mean I don't know it just isn't imposing. Worked for Cody Rhodes and he got the first two audio today at he's not gonna stop because he's really good group right now was this To get part

  20. do that that. In that decision it was just a matter of trying to hopefully. Alms. Gordon and it was another team Dominic Rhodes had a nice can't. As. Ted Ginn has had a nice camp so I understand it though. It was it was good news good good timing