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10.8 ATL/SFG NLDS Game 2 Postgame- Kruk and Kuip



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Sat, 9 Oct 2010|

Kuip:""I think we'll be back here on Wednesday, I really do... and I can't wait."


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Hero's welcome recruit because it makes it way -- with that -- that -- before we get into specifics. Big picture your perspective on. And not an uneventful but for game. The thing about you learn you learn about playoffs the first time you didn't resist the Busch who runs extremely high. Movement and can -- the very quickly any control -- equipment. The what do you hope to see you and you do -- for veterans who didn't before is that they have killer instinct. -- -- to leave for nothing you have up to the attitude you do in the Giants really miss a good number two. Related it didn't it take India. A base hit but took the situation was that a productive out they couldn't come up with -- -- that they have been able to come up. That it got into. Yesterday it didn't hurt because that's the brilliant with a 180 minutes did today the spectacle couldn't add on early in the game. It constant and exists of the they're gonna do well but. You know dwell on the negative you really have to stay positive and learn from what you learn debate and apply -- the next game. Will play. It up exactly the way it is what you wanted it to go there and that's by bringing Romo in the eighth and then Wilson and in the ninth. Eighth inning started to unravel -- -- -- start to have some problem. This is the only good. Series by the way out before this fight at one after games and and it looked like it all was going so perfectly for the Giants Bobby Cox gets ejected in the second inning you'd figure hey that's a big. Plus for the Giants -- get -- skipper of his magnitude are of the ballgame and really -- got to give credit to Atlanta for battled back and Alex Gonzales will really talked about that yet but he was -- it two for 42 slump. Before coming up with that three run double off for Brian Wilson I mean a guy that -- He's produced in the post season before comes up with a big hit and I don't think that. He got to hit -- Brian Wilson I don't think there was a bad pitch is the one -- he was not doing was hitting the high fastball. So -- -- Leahy was not give this topic at a public so. He did adjustment. The Justin heard the Giants and that was the big hit to tie the ballgame but it would perspective yeah I was at bad pitches was. Scatter report. It's always -- that particular good. Did yeah. Lot of times the one big. One and that's not a home run you can beat the good girl obviously -- Run but route runners -- -- the. To be able to get those guys in from third it was into out. I've done it yet one time. In this in the first two guys we touched on this at the top of the show but I'd like to bounce off you threw plus we have new information in terms of the injury situation for both teams. Billy Wagner's strained openly so you certainly assume he would not pitch again in this series. As for Freddy Sanchez Bruce coaches Sidwell. He stayed in the game he finished it and we will have to check him out again tomorrow so obviously we don't know. What the next few days we'll bring in terms of Freddy Sanchez but we do know the Braves have lost their all star closer well you know -- A lot. Going to be a lot going on on the plane tomorrow as far as some decisions. To be made including. Know what half. And that the Giants are down a game and -- that pitch Tim Lincecum all of those things will be figured out tomorrow on that long flight to Atlanta. If they're down a game do they pitched in Lincecum that probably gonna -- about it -- Don't. Know question and it gives back the same thing we're talking about killer instinct -- -- You know this a short series is so filled with -- it's soap filled with the opportunity. And every opportune. By. Don't cash in and had nearly beat hoosiers at your opponents. Yet you don't get that you had on your doorstep if -- sit in the first and third one -- you can't score that run. Despite him denying you your ability to score runs without a sudden they're pumped up it runs hot -- talk about the playoff scenario being. 99 innings will tonight it was eleven ninth innings and I feel it you can you can fall victim do early lead. You really can't you can lose so -- intensity and perhaps that happened tonight and that's something you have to learn. If you're a young team in the playoffs for the first time and it's something you hope you can learn you can correct. And that's going to be key as the series progresses you know at this game told me tonight is that these two teams are pretty closely -- I -- a lot of people laughed. The last night were taken over the Braves lineup that's not very good. Giants are gonna look through this -- the braves' bullpen is outstanding they got a lot of guys that like to battle you to the end and in this. This thing epic if the good -- up back here on Monday I am almost can be surprised. Like I would be surprised to -- that right now the Jazz perspective they go to Atlanta went one. Guys that went Monday and Wednesday so -- we got the got to win one. It's come back to San Francisco unless you know they go and went to there but. You think about this. All the momentum now release is slow -- to Atlanta's side right now their goal back to Atlanta and get to. Hudson who's been understood what -- -- what happens at the Giants go on their beat him. Now orders a minute ago it comes right back receiver sisco with a chance to finish things off and Atlanta so you know. You wipe the slate clean you cannot get emotionally attached to win in that you cannot get emotionally attached to -- it's simply learn from it go on as you mentioned earlier it's a three game series. Get ready to play game three. Guys. That a lot of three game series they've won two out of 30 whole Lotta times this season and yes Atlanta's little place to play that looked. This is a resilient ballclub we've found that out time and time again and you I go back to the signature game for me was the lottery -- home run in Los Angeles offered Jonathan. Broxton and I came back from -- but it -- this team has been down this team battles that you know you're gonna get that no matter what went down. To. And in -- right Atlanta. It's tough please -- they only the best home record in the National League. This year but you know except that is. The the post season and and I've really looking forward. To the start from Giants inches I mean he's already proven that he is a force in the National League and I have no problems -- him up against him. It's. Legitimate albeit -- enjoy your trip to Atlanta of course Comcast sports net -- October will be going there with -- hopefully you know what hopefully I'm -- hopefully we're not back. Out here on Wednesday and hopefully they find a way to win two games. It in the place where the best home team that on nationally has an unbelievable -- I think will be back here on Wednesday really do. And I Q when it's gonna be all right.

  1. are overall sort of pieces are coming ago. Definitely. Guy again you are tireless worker who really as he works his butt off Wagner that's that's great attributes and ours are two great team player. You know he's he's celebrated as much as to score

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  14. this game three as he got the ball out quicker did you notice a big difference. It's okay. Did you did needed it done is Wagner into the first and I don't know who's able to get our our. Front seven on a Latin. Didn't flourishes in to homeland

  15. he. I once a person like how he feels. How he I have no problem with it totally with the media I have no problem with this Wagner happ I like it. I think his players relate to it. I think the fan base relates to it that I'd like it but. I'm wondering

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