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Gaudin opens four-game set in home debut vs. Marlins



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Thu, 20 Jun 2013|

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Chad Gaudin will make his first home start as a giant tomorrow. That's terrible. Its starters going very well those first two -- In Atlanta he struggled a little bit Milloy got through five innings. First game at AT&T at all -- and get him goal. He'll be cooler in the last go there page Jeff just Jacob turner will go on Saturday and it's an evolving of former dodger. We'll go on Sunday Lincecum and Zito and came -- follow. The opening active Chad Gaudin and as you mention his first two starts were very good at Saint Louis and Arizona. Last Saturday in Atlantic made a few mistakes to BJ Upton. -- the body might feel stiff he just didn't have that staff and slider missed a couple fastballs on up there and he got beat twice by Upton homered balls. Yes or Chad Gaudin his first start in the home -- the first race we go to were on the road in Saint Louis Phoenix and last Saturday. In Atlanta so intriguing to see how he does the key thing right now is the the starters are beginning to lock -- start to start -- be good for Chad Gaudin. To throw a good game tomorrow night to keep it up after what Matt Cain did it a last night it would Madison bond Garner did today dollars -- locking. You know Greg we always -- earlier runs help these pictures out and Matt Cain is -- ball -- got a few runs it that should relax a little bit more Chad -- hasn't had that yet let's get some runs for them tomorrow and -- UPS of Giants to do with him and it will be on the -- 630 -- Giants pregame live it'll be the much anticipated return -- I'm not they've many blue bunting -- real life actual. Genuine article -- blew back off an assignment will join us tomorrow if I had made. He is have a the Giants rally in the seventh minute win.

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  1. all that to see. If he's going to be out for he's been back to what it is good to see him at the end. You know to yes Upton hadn't Barcelona will back in the locker. It was monstrous. You just one but yeah he told me that now does her so we'll

  2. this how I know exactly is I would doors lead burger without question and then it. I something else anytime I can get Kate Upton on the cover of the magazine especially can we possibly fitter and something no other than a swimsuits. Yeah offer once she

  3. what it could be anything but. I felt that his potential. great potential. And still do. But I was and this and I think Upton are. Agassi. You know Jumbo. Would be here by an eight game starting over and see what would he do differently. Here. Differently

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  7. into. How hard throws. doesn't he does a great job of. You know you're in the bowl and ask him anything and during. And Upton does an offense that's that's what you want you wanna challenge that we didn't you won't does that are gonna make you

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  16. who just signed that deal 180 million wondered that. We Campbell with Kate Upton supermodel because that is a lot of money if you have a 180 million dollars and Kate Upton last in the past. What about these cutbacks and it's it's a bit I mean

  17. the back dribble and now but slam. Yes for us in the months game. And that fired up the cutter Peters in addition to Gordon Upton . And under review and the Al and they knew where we did just fine but again good with is that three pointer in a row. And

  18. like it and he didn't act like it and if we didn't think he could handle big league camp he wouldn't be here. Justin Upton and Arizona at the same and was able to handle big league camp we think this guy well as well. How many at bats he gets I

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  20. Yeah people back to where we're going to. I mean the. they were film a movie and the and Wilson called Upton said he wanted to come to a game and we were. We were just thrilled if you wanna do that and then down great. Being around