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4.21: NYY/OAK Postgame- Jake Fox



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Tue, 12 Mar 2013|

MLB pitcher Jake Peavy and country music singer Tyler Reeve perform 'Get to Know You' in a CSNBayArea.com web exclusive concert.


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We'll -- CSN Bay Area dot com we continue to support Barry -- strikeouts for troops in some very Major League friends that made it along the way from the White Sox. Not Sylvester but Jake Peavy joining us here and some of the apprentice. It's as Kyle. It's dollar capital -- I'll read professional musician class in the place upright let's talk about strikeout pitchers until from what that would mean for you guys to be here implants. Well you know honestly it's it's an honor for us to be here just in the presence of these guys the sacrifice. That these young men and women make for our country two so where we can have a life that we have. Just honestly a day like today it is such a huge. Perspective glances at the world for so -- Great -- great night they severe as you. It's a special night for everybody you guys have great history together right -- tell -- when you guys -- Jake Fox. Law long long time ago that. We met and and he took off on his baseball career now an awful lot. Music career and I think every day that. I kind of wish thousand pro baseball player he wishes he was the country singer said. We can live vicariously through each other a little bit and and and share good times in his moments like this and make it all worthwhile right capsules are pretty good play for. -- To play a song yeah and they song that -- it was just written so we -- discuss this when. And this is sculpted and you all right here today does that -- world injury. Era this neon blue showed us little. During his knee. So it's. Winning Kapalua. Your bad news -- -- mean I'm favorite so that's all you single. New living there. The eighteen game. It's no. I can only -- home. Good until some. Okay. Yeah. And -- he's. It was a vacuum grew it was -- -- to an end. Do you -- do you smoke. If that's so hard. You're on you've traveled Jack do you take your coffee. -- relax sleep we all saw him. Can't you. You know. Still. Yeah. Didn't let Cassel play. I'm making bitchy and guys bad in the players when it -- baby yeah. Can't wait to go. -- -- Yeah. That you see them. Hit and I know you. Jake Peavy. How to read thanks everyone for supporting strikeouts for troops is going to be a special night tonight and is losing our guys thanks very much thanks for what you -- isn't there that -- It.

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  1. they severe as you. It's a special night for everybody you guys have great history together right tell when you guys Jake Fox . Law long long time ago that. We met and and he took off on his baseball career now an awful lot. Music career and

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