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Analyzing Barry Zito's dominant day

Tue, 15 Oct 2013|

Barry Zito took out a full-page ad in Monday's San Francisco Chronicle to thank fans for "the fire in your hearts for Giants baseball."

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  1. Barry Zito explains Strikeouts for Troops; Kelley James freestyles

    strikeouts for troops we think of Barry Zito and a good friend Kelly James on Jim ..... to play a full band show. With and Zito sat in for the entire playing the ..... not as we hear his spring training. Zito on the easy 75. Contests he Comcast

  2. 12.16: Barry Zito with Greg Papa and Mychael Urban

    Again on line today and checked out of Michael Irvin still worked CSF Bay Area got down a nice piece on Barry Zito . And his strikeouts for troops and we added I hear about the sports bar. And Fisher more about I had to celebrate the holiday

  3. 7.1: Dr. Kirsch on Barry Zito

    another guy and and maybe stepping out of bounds here but since I know pretty well I I think Barry Zito Brett had this to some extent. And I think the fear of failure came when he got that contract in the enormous pressure that was

  4. 2.28: Andrew Baggarly on Nate Schierholtz, Barry Zito

    all out a way of trying to build more momentum and get more extension more finish on his pitches because. We all of Barry Zito is not gonna throw 95 miles an hour but he can be effective if he gets that late movement that late life. Especially

  1. Did Giants overpay for Lincecum?


    Thu, 24 Oct 2013

    second half of this year. But yet you can see it that they're paying for biggest he's kind of film as you know its base their Zito is an overpaid huge gave them to great starts and October. Maybe that's all Indiana Lincecum they're just hoping that he

  2. Zito thanks Giants fans with full-page newspaper ad


    Tue, 15 Oct 2013

    Barry Zito took out a full-page ad in Monday's San Francisco Chronicle to thank fans for "the fire in your hearts for Giants baseball."

  3. You know I asked them irons. And these guys have. Propensity to sell this is where this council did you guys it's Gaza I Zito well the last the last game me. Yes it is that and I think Ellsbury. It is. This is our operations that yeah. This is an

  4. Jason Bay Area dot com. Good Monday morning I'm in the box and Comcast sports as he has in this is your morning man at the Giants 2013. Season is over they the way the season's finale 76 over the San Diego Padres. And the nineteen million dollar man Hunter Pence who gave them that win as he gets

  5. Yeah. I was prices mean can't you can't repeat that that's that's on the look of an industry. You know both those guys are just first class you know professionals and and they there and every every every step of the minutes don't. Emotion of the best thing that it looked great guys you see I.

  6. it was a special moment as one of the one of the best moments of this year as far as I'm concerned. And a lot. I know to Zito to. To get a chance to walk off the the way he wanted to. And just to get get that opportunity in front of the fans. You know

  7. Barry Zito rides a wave of emotion in sendoff appearance


    Sun, 29 Sep 2013

    Barry Zito made his final appearance in a Giants uniform on Sunday, a moment he described as having "more adrenaline than the World Series."

  8. Kotsay on Zito : 'I'm happy for Barry'


    Sun, 29 Sep 2013

    Mark Kotsay's final at-bat will go down as a strikeout, but it also was a deeply personal, emotion-filled finale courtesy of his friend Barry Zito .

  9. Javier Lopez. But I you know two things that price Zabian said that really work starters. One he said he would do that Barry Zito contract all over again as crazy as it might sound he said do you people. He really respect does he just class and professionalism

  10. Extra Baggs: One more appearance in the works for Zito


    Fri, 27 Sep 2013

    It was thought Barry Zito had thrown his last pitch as a Giant, but Bruce Bochy may try to get the southpaw his well deserved curtain call.

  11. seven strong innings Jed Lowrie sacrifice fly six that was the only RBIs and runs. For the green and all of the giants' Barry Zito got his first wins and made birdie at the 64 victory over the Dodgers Tony Abreu. Two for four with a double and triple

  12. another go out ago. Tonight was high drama certainly with Barry Zito and in the we knew that this was going to be the end of ..... a black beard Brian Wilson. Tonight we say so long to Barry Zito and and I say may so long to Tim Lincecum won a series

  13. where the Giants swelled they beat the Dodgers and maybe that wasn't really the whole story. Part of the big story was very Zito making his last start here at AT&T park in in the it was a nice start in in the including. the only missing would have been

  14. He had some ups and downs but. Overall. You know it's it's been a pleasure for me problem here and and we know what he did last year force You know the when he went out there. There restore good he went home and the other one time but overall. It's been enjoyed you know to be with the player knows

  15. We've got very neat and here. In seasons with the Giants 197. Start. Not sure what the future holds but what at that time to use the fans are cheering for you right now. something it's has been unbelievable seven years. A lot happened personally and also on the fields. You know some and all the

  16. Zito denied curtain call after closing 2013 strong


    Thu, 26 Sep 2013

    Barry Zito did what he set out to do Wednesday: Beat the Dodgers in his final 2013 start. But was he unjustly robbed the glory of a curtain call?

  17. Giants CHAT with Insider Andrew Baggarly -- NOW


    Thu, 26 Sep 2013

    Should Bruce Bochy have gotten Barry Zito a curtain call? Join Giants Insider Andrew Baggarly today at 12 p.m. for free-flowing Giants talk!

  18. Yes that's very they'll not be Madison Baumgartner boys that are shut it down with a one under. Outside a year and Barry Zito will make his first the star starts since September the second in San Diego's first all star. Since August 21 against

  19. gonna should down Madison just give him a hurry he's had a great year in. It's zero of that store. Since you mentioned Zito . I guess is not really controversial. But some people or so it will surprise it. That your pitching Barry and I know he wants

  20. Instant Replay: Sandoval, Abreu make a winner of Zito


    Wed, 25 Sep 2013

    Pablo Sandoval hit a two-run shot, Tony Abreu drove in four runs, and Barry Zito earned the win in a 6-4 Giants victory over the Dodgers.