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Conte on meeting with A-Rod: 'I did have concerns'



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Wed, 14 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Over the weekend the new York daily news with this story an excerpt breeze this way last spring a year before Anthony bosh catapulted. In the center of Major League baseball's latest doping scandal Alex Rodriguez secretly sought out. The advice of the man at the heart of its first major steroid crisis Victor Conte. He described how Rodriguez showed up uninvited. On his doorstep in May of 4012 with admitted Balco steroid casualty Bill Romanowski the former NFL linebacker to discuss legal products. They could give Rodriguez. And edge. That is where we begin that segment and Yahoo! Sports talk live welcome and and this is the founder of Balco Victor Conte. He joins us here on the program ridiculous begins simply with what your reaction was when this story came out in the New York Daily News. Yes. I have a lot of respect for for the journalists that investigated. Of this story and -- of this story. I do think the headline was a bit tabloid. But. You know it is what it is. How did this meeting come about how to did end up where you were sitting there talking to Alex Rodriguez about something legal something illegal to help him play. In early 2012. Probably the the month of April. Timeframe. Bill Romanowski reached out to me a couple of times and said that. Alex Rodriguez had contacted him and would like to have a meeting with me. And first he asked me if I'd be willing to fly to Los Angeles to meet with -- without Alex and I said no mom I'm very busy got a lot of stuff going on -- and I just didn't have time to do to to do that. There after he called back -- what would you be willing to fly to new York and of course once again a triumph don't have time in Los Angeles say I didn't have time to go to. New York either and then. At some point in my day. Bill called and he said Victor where are you. And I -- I'm -- and MIA desk at the -- officers and he said good I'm one A-Rod I'm about five minutes away we'll see him it will seal them. And about 510 minutes later they drove up in front of my office. Is so they showed up we could -- it was uninvited but you did get ahead of phone call I wouldn't say you know that it was honored but I don't invited a better word might be. You know unexpectedly. All right that's fair enough now at the time meeting took place we had Bill Romanowski on Yahoo! Sports talk like yesterday he addressed the meeting as well let's listen to what bill had to say. About how the meeting transpired. He says can I -- -- it you can you introduced me to them when -- out there in the Bay Area tomorrow. I took America. And I didn't partake in the meeting. 'cause I don't need to. I dropped them off introduced them to back there you guys can talk about whatever you wanna talk about. And I went and make calls and my car and you were you well we're not in the end you were not in the army is only in the New York Daily News did you Q were in the meeting with just I was not. In the meeting went coast to I didn't care to be in the meeting. With those who I had calls from that. -- of Victor who was in the meeting. When you were discussing supplements. I love this you know what was he invited or were they uninvited and was -- in the meeting or was he not in the meeting. I I appreciate the the interest in the details and I'll give you as many as I can. Basically what happened is when they first got there. Bill came in and looked around there was probably a half dozen people there and they were going out to the leaving at the end of the day was right about 5 o'clock. And it's everybody was gone and then Alex got out he came in. As soon as he came in one of the first things he wanted to know was I got this new phone a Blackberry. The first generation which has the touch screen and by the way he let me play with a I want to borrow one myself I have in my pocket -- -- the next day. But he had forgotten his charger I don't know where Alex came from but he forgot his charger and he asked me. Is there anywhere around here that I could possibly but I a charger from from my new Blackberry I so we'll just a couple blocks down as the best buy. So Alex ask bill I mean there was a few minutes that maybe we talked ten minutes that goes there that most. And then build that up when he left and he went to -- Alex. A charger for his cellphone. And I would say he was gone at least thirty minutes or more of the total meeting probably was a good. Guesstimate would be about 45 minutes so maybe he was there he exchanging. You know. Pleasantries there the first ten minutes and then when he got back he might have been their for the final ten minutes as we wrap things up when he left so. He was not there further the middle thirty minutes of the meeting so. His description was I was outside texting I didn't know that but I can tell you that he he did leave and he was gone for the majority of the meeting. Knowing the history of all the people involved in this including your history in this. Alex Rodriguez had a history of using steroids at one point in his career. Why would you agree to meet with him. Knowing were all of you had been at one point all of your career what let me say that I did have concerns. I'm sure that Alex had concerns on this is the reason that he. Did not want this. To be public. And we know this because. You know they tried to make sure nobody was in the office the day of the the first day that they came. And then the following day. I had agreed to go downtown. And bring him a box of nutritional supplements. To his hotel. And Alex one end. But to have the meeting and of course we were already in transit down there my daughter Veronica myself. And he didn't wanna meet at his hotel August because he didn't want me coming in the lobby. And do you know anybody saying -- why is he here and recognizing me you know in the Bay Area and so he suggested that that we meet. In the hotel in a coffee shop for something next door. And at that point my response was -- my daughter knows about these perfectly legal supplements. I've got some written instructions. We don't need to do all this -- next door and be secretive -- had somewhat of both of these interactions kind of how you would imagine it would be. Interacting with Michael Jackson. You know everything was that the you know a little bit making sure there were precautions about who's going to be where and so on. So that's exactly what happened I I pulled up front. My daughter went upstairs she gave him the boxes supplements she gave him instructions. She answered whatever questions -- that he had about those supplements some he would take before games somebody would take after games so we would take a night to enhance sleep and recovery. And that was the end of that.