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Wed, 5 Oct 2011|

Damon Andrews has your Morning Minute for Wednesday, October 5.


Machine Generated Transcript

Last scheduled meeting in the NBA labor talks ended Tuesday with no resolution inside on Damon -- with your morning minute and what came out of those meetings. Canceling the NBA pre season games but at the pre season is over nobody told Giants closer Brian Wilson. Larry Bird. As you can see him a little bit of -- -- -- -- balance. Normally cheat a little shorts. So -- short Riordan told Rebecca. Wilson is -- on the diamond but these teams are the -- just -- an ALCS spot with a 43 win over the rays. Adrian Beltre hit three homers the Yankees even up their series with the -- one win over Detroit in the National League. -- pinch hit three run south -- Ben Francisco gave the Phillies 821 series lead. And Arizona held on to their playoff hopes went 821 Brewers have a 21 lead and that's here. Here's your feel good story of the day the dog's name CBC now holds the world record for a distance down. And that's a jump of 31 feet. Eight incidents. And baseball never ends here at Comcast sports net Bay Area Giants final cut debuts October 13. -- final cut on October 16 recap of the 2011 season plus sports net since the host hot stove which starts in November. That's tomorrow -- day.

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    need to Cliff Lee trade. Obviously Cliff Lee is not a right handed hitter but the other player they gotten the deal Ben Francisco is. Yeah the Phillies did have interest didn't know we're going back to the offseason but it would be really surprised