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Thu, 2 May 2013|

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It's. We're going to do your starting line. You know whatever I do won't have anything to do it now. The still decided. You know we'll -- games. But the last 48 hours and like you it. There's a lot of fun. You know -- and that hasn't been around this area for a long. We're a team that's relevant. And it's refreshing and we're excited. How about you play playoff basketball. And being a great battle against a very good restaurants and had to airport at 2 PM eastern Texas. Tech. Vessel goes well -- so. It is what it is. At the end of the day. We talked about probably enough has given me given he's a very good series against two very good teams. And it's going to be a special night around. How does it feel. -- -- -- -- -- It was great and I don't think it's just the Bay Area me. It's it's refreshing. Is this what these players have done. Excuse me is key in this area. And change in this environment. And he's incredible fans and loyal and -- -- for a long time. What is your Twitter feed him -- Q. Your game. There are really good ones it. The ones that. You know people certainly in Nevada and disrespectful. Doesn't -- -- that has been -- even more. China's had to settle a regular basis and yeah you all for -- Dave -- Issue so vocal and and it's like people just kind of I was reading it's. Yeah a lot of doesn't matter I mean it's it doesn't matter to me at all it's it's it's a lot of fun. What does seem to be relevant right now. Yes. Congratulations to him. Well deserved I will not. Allow. One action. A one moment to define who is as a person as a basketball player. Is that a player who's had a great year and only way to having a great career. Well congratulations to him I would not call one of his players of one of their players. -- -- -- I won't happen I got respect for each and every one of them include football. And it's at. You mr. -- But in the appropriately tonight -- -- physical play. Yeah I think you mean like in themselves. On them. You don't mind yeah. This speedskating. That's at stake. That's not only off the we will respond with physical play. The same way they weren't pitching very physical sense we will not responded the way to. Ejected thrown out on -- there's not a we -- It's been a great series. We'll conduct it that way continue to keep it that way again today the best team -- We're excited about. -- me about this come from from Georgia found offensive. Disrespectful. Mean I know him personally keep working with a Georgia process. We have booking her think that I've seen you work with -- -- knowing a person is -- -- more surprising. Georgia is it is -- what bill hall of fame coach exactly what coach he's had tremendous success he's done a great job this year. He has a very good basketball team. That statement -- disrespect I got a lot of respect for George call and it in the job he's done two years that statement was disrespectful. Wonder what he thinks this place. The Kenyon Martin's Jennifer Reeves -- JaVale McGee. It -- Won only thanks -- those guys. They just go on do your job. And just respect. You know. Now it doesn't know is this is fun. Is fun for -- and think about. How all stop golf -- goes down in game one. We have three rookies our rotation. We're playing against number Parise who won 57 games. And we have an opportunity to help build. To finish out a series. This -- It was in the I think -- happens. That. Well it was all. -- not we -- That's all right. Tells Villa before that that didn't work.

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