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1.26: A's Manager Bob Geren with Mychael Urban



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Fri, 10 Jun 2011|

Damon Andrews has your Morning Minute for Friday, June 10.


Machine Generated Transcript

Good morning everybody CSN Bay Area dot -- Damon answers in the Comcast sports net studios with the morning minute we get started with the news from the Oakland a's as they fire manager Bob again Thursday. After seven hasn't ten games and win percentage of just 470 in four plus seasons meanwhile Bob Melvin was introduced as the -- interim manager. Coming home to replace -- grew. I went to grammar school high school went to university California. Played for the Giants. And understand the history of all these organizations is to do especially this organization. Really is a dream come true that this doesn't happen very often in baseball where you -- literally get to come home and it in the capacity that I do. Bell was first game on the bench for the Green and gold. Not pretty a ball to the White Sox 94 Thursday in Chicago. Sort of -- took the loss going just two and two thirds allowed six runs on eight hits the one bright spot program with Hideki -- going our. For the fourth time this season hopefully have now lost their last sixteen games last. In the AL west meanwhile the Giants hosting the Cincinnati Reds -- mad bum on the hill the bad luck met Bob continued as He takes a loss after pitching. Fantastic -- this time to sit -- three love bomb went seven innings allowing one -- On eight hits in seven months out team and struggles to get mad any run support him. He knows you know all He can do when -- ball game it's totally can look at it. -- reception. -- for this year as far as run support him. We've. We've just got to get this figured well I mean this. You know it's gotten long were. Now than I even thought it would we we just need to use a couple of guys. Right now -- have a tough time doing that. -- isn't going on tonight of course that sets. We'll have all the while covered with the reds Giants game he's continued their road trip in Chicago under new. His skipper Bob Melvin plus the Warriors introduce Mark Jackson as their head coach we -- all over. The news conference in case you missed just issued a lot of CSN Bay Area dot -- -- for the most comprehensive Bay Area sports coverage.

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    now an official member of the Oakland a's you guys made it clear ..... do you sacrifice fly you know as sort not but it play you won ..... supposed to. a two run doubles as opposed to the three run homers ..... that open rotation spot. Well as far as . on rich is a free agent

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    me make things work on the basis. Houses and that was about. Five items in seven innings he went 123 the other two obviously as when they scored often did he do anything different. In those frames cynical it was the first and sixth that he didn't do an

  1. schools and they're kind of the dynamic there and. Madison as mobile as big obviously so there's this one at the minute I know he didn't have but. As far as don't want strand. Hit his decision making

  2. final. At a safety center. Don't know. In the season as a team. I think that you learned a few things on tendencies and all but I every game as a as a game you have to compete to win. In the national hot streak

  3. team can improve that every coach's. We as coaches can improve that and that's a ..... traded a picture of some guy dressed up as you for Halloween a lot of people are going out for Halloween dressed as you did you know that. I did not know that

  4. know it. It's a whole lot about myself I'm right now. Play as best Jim Louis freshman women. Another crowd's into it. Every ..... goal from the Sharks public Schwartz. victory. Tune in Saturday as the Sharks in the taking on the Coyotes pregame at seven. Post

  5. what does she do later on period. He decides to run on It couldn't stop and maybe just wanted to impose his. Yes that's as one of the ones that that would try to go to net but you're right he's a guy that's not gonna stop there either try to stop

  6. an 8885. Was the original one I was there too yeah I was there as well you know so that's right. Back in the spring and we are ..... media is up our game zone. You great players the the the market as we've recently. foundation. Publication become body to. Truly

  7. mark Mark Jackson said yesterday said going forward Klay Thompson as a member of the starting lineup great tonight. 38 points later ..... and play it's been really. I mean throughout training camp as well have been the most consistent player. Been making a lot

  8. ll respond do us. doing you know. What's it feel like. As best few Christmas when it. No crowds into it. And we have the ..... Felt great on the scene I was tied for the game was so excited. As we move forward to opening nights you know the only one more games

  9. bird Isaiah how. Beyond yards and in kings next possession. Comments from three again. They've got to get a hand is stay as they did now back to back threes later in the fourth causes his own rebound he's fighting down low you finished. Good thirty

  10. team. You know you look at look at him as a basketball player and you appreciate ..... she's making it doesn't Andy Andy just as to look at him that way he impacts a game ..... struggling in the pre season. It was a plan as best basketball. But he he showed up 101

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  12. mom. That's gonna help our team I'm Robert Rodriguez the depth we have there are some nice guys okay won't have declared as much energy. Pace and it wears on you my lips at the depth we have you can switch it a different guy different guys didn't

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