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10.11: SF/ATL NLDS Postgame- Bobby Cox


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Fri, 22 Apr 2011|

Bochy says he will miss Bobby Cox and that Chipper Jones is worthy of the Hall of Fame.


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Still the -- of -- from -- do this. You know look -- -- and Bobby. Of course have been have been missile while most always Helmand when he's always been a member of -- -- different to him. Yeah well -- really. You know moving the missile he's talking to him. Occasional Indian cinema over there -- they're good man they're pretty you know -- ago yeah. -- -- Early disappointment -- work because they're in 2011 but you know looking back yeah we we know we're fortunate few bars. -- there was our toughest. Series really it's. You know we split here then went back to -- era. But their ballpark yeah. We gave them 21. Good comeback from nine we all on my game. We will have homework. Give me. Twice once they're in we've come back here so we know they'll. We were probably fortunate yeah. When that series it's pretty obvious guys were resilient enough to give up leaving Cameron. Back. And I -- really do think about Linares. I thank you very will create more interest you more teams involved -- going to be good for baseball and looks like this and -- also. To sit and really do. Reflect back as I remember when and we broke through showing up. Years ago it divisions in most games in. Yeah. In the play offs in his -- I think it's been good for there's also hopefully to assess how this is long ago. Agree with it. Well I have starting did last start. You really came back after giving up some runs early. He served Richard -- started yeah bring the ball movement more locate his fastball and sometimes your conference -- chicken little bit you know attributes are definitely some young kids here and so he was good frustrated with himself. Think he felt good -- He finished up his last thirty consider zone. Yeah. You could hit and hurt -- Goodell will actually get into the season yeah you know. It whether you hotter weather you'd. The only room early in the season. And they they know we've we've talked about there's some of these guys are you doing maturity as a -- yeah. Although there is off and everything and she uses more given I don't know that -- -- Zero all the extra errors and other they're -- picked. Whiteside and particular. We're -- good news conference good run poster out there he -- good that we -- people fresh. Same goes with the margin. We'll -- you know -- may resume your mortgage off. It's. That's what they have to potency of the big picture here want to do in season. They're playing time will be ago. It's. -- Johnson gave me. Why do it these goods. If it's in great numbers. Really consistent and injuries have. You know hurt him. A few times but. You know yeah look what he's done it in his career. Numbers RBIs and everything. He's okay for me. Accomplished player out matchup tomorrow much of it. And yeah. Well I'll vote a certain moral -- written on this this agreement because it's. Some -- guys because there -- lots -- talk about his stature. And it. I've got a ground. Pulled from Madison right now over.

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  10. the edge of the defense coordinator so it's it's still open who's gonna be that number three quarterback charming rock Nnamdi Asomugha. Perhaps even Cox but Asomugha has shown that there's going to be a spot warm on the 53 man roster.

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  12. I am that's a stiff stiff like I have room for improvement. You know more for him and you know just get in my books you know I'm more I've been on lately and you know it is just the difference from who was. You know question here about a new day you know did everything and I went through them. But

  13. some regard but. But the the plate to play long it consistently. That good I thought there was a lot of good thanks Parrish Cox thought had an outstanding game. I'm Mike will it looks. Looked very solid needs to park played. Very well limited view

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  20. clock eating at home plate where it started at birth and eat yet in Oxford Cox tree and he'd be an effort. Oakland eat. And yeah. The only areas score. Oprah now what the read it one theory it's your