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3.2: CLE/OAK postgame -- Bobby Cramer



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Wed, 2 Mar 2011|

Cramer is happy with the progress he is making, but he wants more.


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As you know that we've removed from the last one. We're here trying to get our work in the same time I -- we are. You can't hit anything and it didn't puzzled frustrated with my -- -- you know even the simulated games and -- idea. It's successful. Obviously. I don't know if I'm doing it and yeah I know what works for me talking chances in the ability. Nice estimate of mistakes and I was fortunate it. You know sometimes that's always fun making mistakenly hit harder and that Clemens. You know nothing different from from that standpoint. -- you right now. Yeah I mean not. Not to give -- home runs and yeah the change it's it's dusty did did that something I don't happen. You know in in a small sampling for -- here you know. There's a video there's you know advance scouting reports on the social users -- -- pitches movement. You know obviously but we're seeing our America this -- appointment and it started -- I threw food in my opinion. Where public agenda today there -- down -- balls. The one nice thing about that it's for me is I don't see it developing and in my mind invested so. He's -- -- that's an improvement and then I don't know it's that. Don't have strikes. Ask us here and I you know please. -- -- Yeah I've all I've always try to throw it you know you don't think it's made me successful in my career is I. Do a lot of room past -- -- that the Cubs -- You know I I started at bats but I managed to miss that it's part of you know with the with the change of its different because change if you throw behind animals program I don't feel that my natural wrist action -- to -- outside the ball. So having that and change -- and injured coaches you know. Struggles in England and it and it you know I've never been. And he if I'm watching my back in school taxes anyway. Yeah I didn't I didn't have the luxury of just -- -- and don't keep bad outings get working on something so that's that's also human development and watching him. -- -- my senior -- this off season. You know this time -- happened -- him what it was him. I'm happy with the waves Jones up close yeah.

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