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Mills: 'It's a good club, there's no doubt about it'


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Thu, 12 Jul 2012|

Astros manager Brad Mills talks about the Giants team, and which pitcher he thinks is the best on the staff.


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Haven't seen them. Yet this year I know he's been probably the best pitcher times. All good games and Sunday we don't know what he's capable of doing what I did last night. It's good pitching staff. That's try to keep them from scoring and hopefully we can hang around and get a couple months -- a couple of -- He had some guys in the all star game they did pretty well what do you like about their offense. What you see from them offensively. Well they've had periods this year there's only about -- -- going into the break. You know he was going about pretty well. Going to break him so. They've got some guys envision them exposed he's done really well and it's a good fit at club there's no doubt about. Forgot Mike Timlin and he's obviously had a degree yeah in this year. I really think he'll bounce back and well that's going to be interesting is reinstated last time anyway so we've just seen Morristown tapes and and so forth but I know his numbers might look. I'm not looking real good in the first half but the success he's had. Years past I think that. It's still there and you can have some success. Court in front UT go get a couple local guys Castro -- played college ball here is it more special and come into the area in DC -- and oh yeah I think they enjoy coming here. They have so much friends and family here that it's it's interesting format it's a lot of fun goal editors to have. Not that you just can't get back in the looking -- illustrate -- we didn't think. No it's it's I am. Real excited to start again I think everybody got the batteries recharged a little middle of the zone forty's. We've got twenty straight games now. After the break so this is gonna go that long stretch forceful once. We're ready for an -- after the break and then after living off days and start coming especially help.

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  2. Working to get back from a Dennis Allen said that he was on schedule what is on schedule mean that means he should be back in three months. And that would leave for him to be back in the starting lineup November 17 against the Houston Texans.

  3. t think he was hoping we do before Hudson. Last few weeks he's next two weeks. We wanted to beat is no. The only thing mills said. That put everything right now with the hang your topic toughen it out don't. I very efficient quarterback Tim cal

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  5. inefficiency of disrupting the cancer. The challenge with Houston in the raiders' defense and he pressure on Steelers quarterback ..... most part he's not the fastest. Now a contract year LaMarr Houston dances around any contract questions but he did tell me he

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  7. known for the most part he's not the fastest. You know it got a running back to it are you they have the big guy go from Houston 's plan in the world right now and memories. These were larger fraction of these now and circumstance where he's from different

  8. on the street here in the Comcast sports net studios this inside fights forced update northern California shined bright in Houston this past Saturday as three of the His best. Were victorious start with a big tonight's main event San Jose's Cain Velasquez

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  10. big night for north cal and then made this Saturday night in Houston and Ahmed witness inside of fight sports update UFC 166. Headlined ..... Saturday night where I live play by play of the UFC 166. In Houston . And check this out of web CSN Bay Area dot com slash fights

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  12. ready for fight sold more bumps in the best and he's in the best game and edited to be the best. All right. This fight's gonna happen in Houston huge Mexican support community in Houston you taken in the what is it you we have support.

  13. UNC won 66 this Saturday night in Houston that headline. I'll battle for the UFC heavyweight title defending ..... fight coming up this week in huge strong Mexican community in Houston . Are you going to the octagon as an underdog this weekend

  14. t practice and he's he's only how to be a professional football was. There Things. In those who is huge everyone is Houston 's organization known. You need victories and you what you wanna go out in the years so it doesn't definitely count. Yeah

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  16. depth at that spot. A week ago it looked like Patrick Willis was on pace to return to the in our starting lineup against the Houston Texans. But ultimately. Willis felt like he wasn't going to be 100% with that groin strain that he sustained a few weeks

  17. I right tackle Eric Winston Winston has kind of struggled for the Arizona Cardinals at right tackle. Coming over from the Houston Texans he's allowed five sacks in five games. The 49ers have liked everything they've gone from Ahmad Brooks who is really

  18. That's the first thing I mean there they're they're very talented. You know they get to. Two guys on the edge in the Houston and and league hopefuls geyser. Really good football players play the run and the pass exceptionally well Ontario pose. Really

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