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Sat, 1 Sep 2012|

Giants Insider Andrew Baggarly breaks down Bumgarner's disappointing outing, addresses the team's fatigue, recaps the month of August, and highlights Buster Posey's hot streak.


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The Cubs jumped out to a 61 lead today before the Giants rallied but fell short six for the final. That really we take you back to Chicago on welcoming -- back really are Giants insider. Back as the Giants riding high heading into this one in Madison Baumgartner played fall behind early didn't have his best stuff today. -- a little bit surprising is the one guy who actually flew ahead of the team and got in early should have been well rested. And he's a guy got two quick outs in the third inning had a boat too. Counts on a couple of batters including Soriano couldn't put them away and obviously got so frustrated that you forgot to back up home plate. Cost this team another run which the loomed large in the 64 loss so but Lerner called himself a big baby he said he can't get stubborn out there and lose track -- what he has to do on the mound. Really was upset itself for those execution mistakes and said he just needs to pitch better and be a better pitcher for this team so he's frustrated but as you mentioned the team. Was eighteen and eleven in August -- -- winningest month since they had such so wonderful finish in September of 2010. And -- obviously very pleased with what they're able to accomplish this month. Then they kind of do while playing. Lot of games fourteen games in the last fifteen days now for the Giants I know. You hinted on CSN Bay Area dot com that this team might be a little bit tired how much you think that was a factor today. I think it was a factor a little bit especially in the early innings against a pitcher bowl -- really been struggling. But you know that's the schedule you have to play and the Astros scheduled a night game -- last night in Houston so the guys got in by the time they got their luggage in the -- it was about 330. So you don't get a whole lot of sleep before you head out to catch a bus for day baseball Wrigley and you know what it's it's gonna remain tough because by the end this series here they're gonna have played twelve out of sixteen on the road. And you got a day game Monday in San Francisco and we don't know what this weekend is gonna hold otherwise we've got Isaak. Coming at us like a freight train here and he could be a wet weekend we could even have a double header on Sunday and then they have to. Fly back to San Francisco and get ready to play Monday afternoon for Labor Day so is that there is a light at the end that's all but these guys it's gonna be awhile before they can really have a good -- While the one guy who seems unfazed as Buster Posey reaches safely. And all four plate appearances today -- -- may soon no doubt in my power to all. Yeah he's going to be at first base -- really remarkable he catches today wouldn't really really you're supposed to have a day off today. Childress -- she was good to go felt good ankle felt okay. So we Texas today in the season is the hottest most humid conditions he's played in all season and gets on base all four times and plays a great game. He's gonna be at first base tomorrow and really I think that's the biggest difference you look at last a year August really was the undoing for this team that's where the season hit the rocks. And this year they're taking off in August and it's yet to look at one difference you say is Buster Posey he's hitting everything in sight and obviously he wasn't anywhere to be found he was mending that ankle at this time last season so. Pretty big difference for the Giants. Then we mentioned some guys a little bit tired the Giants are gonna have some reserves now does that says -- set was the final game and August and September call ups. Well now happened what moves have the Giants made. Yes six new players tomorrow they're gonna activate three guys off the disabled list Aubrey Huff is gonna join a pinch hitting role. But they also have seen Luke's coming back and Brad Penny. Who've been on the disabled list and they're gonna activate all three of those guys they're gonna purchased the contract -- two players. No surprise savior Nady is coming up to join the team. Outfielder he might even start -- left till tomorrow is gonna get some starts as well as help the team off the bench for his coach he said. And he might even get a little time at first base -- a double switch had a guy. But he's gonna get a look -- Gregor Blanco is really struggling. To make contact does the left fielder so. He's a guy might make the biggest impact also -- -- haven't heard a whole lot about him but he's. Big guy right handed reliever didn't get ground balls with his -- fork ball. So he's giving extra arm in the bullpen and then -- Brett pill he was. Are recalled as well and he'll be at bat off the bench too and when Fresno season ends on Monday the Giants will look and see if maybe a couple the other guys are on the forty man roster. Such as Steve had looks and -- Or conical last week would be candidates to come up as well in the second wave. They're gonna talk about that make those decisions after the Grizzlies season ends on Monday. I imagine there could appears to be a little bit of confusion amongst Giants fans -- baseball fans in general about eligibility. For the post season should the Giants continue to play well and be back in the post season in 2012. Which guys are eligible for the playoff roster. No easy answer is it's anybody in the organization really just have to be in the organization. And I really the only reason I say that is because there's a big loophole. We've seen teams use it over the years and Giants fans know very well the Angels used it in 2002 to get Francisco Rodriguez on the postseason roster. He obviously was an impact performer he didn't make his Major League debut until mid September of that year so you don't have to be on the forty man roster because you can use. Any clear in your organization to replace an injured player. And as we know there's a lot of guys on the DL -- Freddy Sanchez anybody of that nature. That's all they need to be able to bring out anybody from the organization daily key as anybody that they would trade for anybody they would bring in from the outside world but have to be in the organization before September 1 before tomorrow.

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