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6.18: SFG/OAK postgame -- Brad Ziegler with Kate Longworth



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Tue, 4 Sep 2012|

Be sure to tune in tonight as Jim Kozimor goes one-on-one with Giants GM Brian Sabean.


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Is we have coming up tonight on chronicle live ahead in my hot little hands and -- down and it is explosive we are. Willie Mays -- -- 88 Tuesday. -- is going on against the Arizona Diamondbacks I don't general manager Brian Z you'll join us talk about the construction of his team as they head down the final month. The Major League baseball's regular season. Is this team in position to make it to the second season -- -- hope that he'll join us on the program talk about pitching stat where it is right now. On the other side -- former agent Brad Ziegler. He's scheduled to US news and we'll find out to be back. They can somehow get into the race in September. You always. Giants and -- discussion Indy -- much about the business of sport whether or not. If you would -- your peace. What your favorite pro sports team in the form overnight PO -- it's all coming up. 5 o'clock tonight and chronicle live with each of those -- -- from AT&T park we see him.

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    Ziegler talks about the big double play he enduced in the 6th inning, and that McCarthy was great despite not having his best stuff.

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  1. Cyd Ziegler Jr., the co-founder of OutSports.com, talks about the common stereotype that gay men aren't athletes. The show premieres Saturday at 3:00 pm on NBC Bay Area.

  2. that he'll join us on the program talk about pitching stat where it is right now. On the other side former agent Brad Ziegler . He's scheduled to US news and we'll find out to be back. They can somehow get into the race in September. You

  3. that's. That's what I anticipate from from from those two guys. And that to do it. Got message to some where out of Ziegler . But he's right around and and routes he's. He surprised me and what He can do. So quickly. After engaging in the practice

  4. 7.31: MIN/OAK postgame -- Billy Beane


    Sun, 31 Jul 2011

    Beane talks about trading Brad Ziegler and he is excited about the two players they brought in from Arizona.

  5. 6.23: Morning Minute


    Thu, 23 Jun 2011

    Meanwhile the Green go Bay's six game win streak comes to an in Wednesday as they involved in thirteen innings to the Mets Brad Ziegler . It just intern with the bases loaded to end the is still Gonzales went seven strong striking out eight kind of Jackson

  6. standings to one tied the scattered four hits over seven innings of work in his second start for the game to Dallas Braden Brad Ziegler earned his first save. Since 2009. Join not a sports that's. what will wrap up its. entire series with the highlights

  7. three Mark Ellis that apparent hit. Batting for the RBI of Bobby Frasor pitched two scoreless innings. I can line Brad Ziegler has pulled out. The bullpen. The heartland lawyers try to snap a four game losing streak had they you know getting

  8. tests run today of that how that goes. Parys Haralson. Ankle strain of some dignity issue. David boss. Concussion. Today. Ziegler . Like frank will have tests throughout today to see how severe. Or what the situation Bears and Yeah Josh Morgan. Shoulder

  9. 9.25: Sports on Trial- Brad Ziegler


    Sat, 25 Sep 2010

    Hi I'm Brad and I think the toughest track to break for a single season. You his record for wins and you believe it's 45 and I'm not sure who holds. Today's game and it's pitch every fifth day there's no way they're gonna get where it starts and and I guess guys.

  10. I mean it's it's painful. When actually got to lose that yeah. Definitely. But that you don't feel all right it's have been thorough and if particulate and a good option on the yeah. And outfielders and now that. think you know it we know we've that is a club that that we should look especially at

  11. again is the same guy. In week in week out he's gonna get the ball gonna hit it I know that. The other two guys not sure. Ziegler I do know would I notice the consistency good years today he has catching the ball. Tom hasn't been able to do a lot with

  12. Gordon. Brandon look for them to. You know he's more an emergency guy for us. But I know there. A couple of things about Ziegler you've been very dependable guy he has been up to this point. Home soil is is certainly a situation which you we have to

  13. It is hardly believe it. That's you know us is big unfortunately. We had them. That's for about a week or didn't play very well and and they you know we've lost two games played a lot better and and there were some platoons at times and and you know hopefully as the does that. You know we can do

  14. The wide receiver is making a pitch to end his days on the practice squad by turning heads on the field in Santa Clara.

  15. 7.24: CHW/OAK Postgame- Bob Geren


    Sat, 24 Jul 2010

    probably game. Which is nice you know three starters this. Higher pitch counts as I see you. What leave it there. Like Jeff Ziegler did Warner you know he's got to get him back more confident he can do so well well. He didn't show the person who knockout

  16. Brad Ziegler speaks following the 4-2 win over Tampa Bay.

  17. Braves. And I kind of have always dreamed about doing that as a kid growing up. With a healthy divine Andrew Bailey and Brad Ziegler in the bullpen manager Bob Garrett has three relievers who have closing experience. And Gary and likes that flexibility

  18. Oakland Athletics Rajai and Brad took the time to go on a shopping spree with underprivileged children December 4th.

  19. 11.17: Andrew Bailey Press Conference


    Tue, 17 Nov 2009

    them up to bat. And it's continued. Kind of move up up the chain in the bullpen. When the opportunity I remember Brad Ziegler was sick wasn't feeling good and Andrew is hot. So I gave that chance to close that game and he just never let anybody

  20. A's reliever Brad Ziegler stops by and talks with Ray and Glen after the A's 2-1 victory over the Cleveland Indians.