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Phillips: 'The whole world is watching; I want to be famous in a good way'



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Tue, 16 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Yeah he's from -- relief on the road. And that is the way to do it at the all star game -- Sergio -- -- in the clubhouse and as it may take the field and we're gonna start I can't believe I'm gonna happen. I -- and can down but only because Sergio issues -- my agency or other inappropriate tells about the issued. There -- kind allowed. I Barkley they've their very shiny and they're -- Iraq the -- at the Twitter hand on the inside this is one of those things. Under -- sent them to us and then those that were on errors and yeah I mean I think they're pretty cool but. And they're pretty and they're sitting in the locker Avery -- got. Yeah they were just sitting there and attack Hanigan and appeared to with a little bit different designs are different -- model I guess those Mika. And I mean it's fun everything about it on the gears immediately in the sense saying it. And and it was he and I be a part the players that man I mean it's it's huge. Little bit about some of those players because usually you're going up against them. Is there any one of notes that you know he won it in me or has given you a hard time. Well at the plate and I need to be -- The you guys like Brandon Phillips Joel Otto. A year and guys you know -- you know I -- for me you know nights in the same teams and it's pretty cool for me. I mean goes -- is there any -- gone pretty much as everybody you know everybody here is very -- say very deserving and and rightfully so so -- to face -- not real life. And they're in season and it's it's tough Chris pitches but Santana being on the same team with them it's actually kind of fun to see. The do different personalities in as I write in and you got thicker -- got a chance to hang out and says to kind of cool. And we had a talk about my honorary bat since you have the -- plane in his final all star game and I know that means a lot to you -- -- -- the -- what it does mean from Miami in these -- huge honor just to be and represent the Giants and you know let alone San Francisco's. It's really sweet for me. To have met Mario on just this morning for me huge and I -- huge amount -- -- after me he's. He's the best of the best I honestly believe. He's the best every test in the you know to step on the mound IR and rightfully so are arguably Sosa. He's he's just a role model he's you know he's a true. Model professional day he's the mold of what we all strive to be in and -- -- of the fan of -- and the fear of the game and you we keep going at bats it's pretty sweet to be part of it in and how anxious are you at this point. The playoffs. Are you done right now I ecstatic that I mean I've been there might locate him. And -- nine you like little kid you're kidding me. Now I kind of like I've been on her legs is hard court sugar rush is -- time flailing guys that I do is going there abouts and there and Ali guys and again and I Harold. It's really value currently. Sorry can't help it you know -- and on this is it's super fun for me and tying everything everything about it. The last spoiled privileged and we keep on on on how I feel right now and I hope he gets in the game bush you know he can him that he -- so hey let's see what happens he made it real or he -- Magee -- though hopefully that means get in my camp. Leave the fans about talking a little bit about second half. And the Giants and focusing on that. And you know as well anyone Harrison -- there is really in on a good note how do you feel going -- second. I've definitely if I'm feeling -- that we it was a great way to finish the first half considering. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- mean we finished strongly left and on the first street in San Diego on you know they always play -- you know they arrow is very competitive against us so. To go do at their ballpark is pretty sweet. I mean. Press I think a second half is it's gonna come down to. -- playing together and impact of that that same confidence in and expecting things go well. And be positive sensitive. Incensed going to the OK what what can go wrong next. I think I think we're OK though I mean we're not too far behind with that many games to play and it'll definitely be fun I do. I -- really will be fun to watch it. Ramos really at 2013 all star game I'm gonna go change my issues and he's gonna go play for the nationally.

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  16. do you have a my Go enjoy yourself because they'll be no lines of the restaurants everybody will be home and they'll be watching and me. Channel Phillip Phillips they did a faster they would Blake thanks for joining us there you go.

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  19. and Saint Petersburg it's a beautiful game the problem was. It was up against David Price but. If we didn't run to Brad Phillips at the first base you may have a big a that was a great ballgame but we got in the way on this ground ball to they'll. That

  20. Elegance that it's it's bittersweet. It's so exciting stories you've got baseball career but then again the Paul Phillips . That is. I'll go there. He goes Goes out there moment. He hits. I've learned that you things that. You know improbable