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Chronicle Conversation: 1-on-1 with Brett Anderson

Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

Will the A's bring back Coco Crisp with the club's $7.5 million option? What about pitcher Brett Anderson? Oakland is on the clock.

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  1. Brett Anderson makes A's active playoff roster

    news out of the a's clubhouse Brett Anderson is on the active roster. For the ..... on the left side the one thing Anderson did say is that the oblique strain ..... us that. The possibilities of Anderson 's starting are likely. And he

  2. 7.25: Brett Anderson's rehab start in Sacramento

    They do 37. And the lefty Anderson with a pitch it is going out ..... propped up Fallon out of play. Brett Anderson on the rehab assignment today ..... still wanted to do you know Anderson at that it. Excellent rookie ..... bottom of the first inning. Is Anderson 's third start all rehab

  3. 7.6: OAK/BOS Postgame- WP Brett Anderson

    Brett Anderson's complete-game-win Monday came on his first ever trip to Fenway Park.

  4. 3.29: Dallas Braden and Brett Anderson on Chronicle Live (Part 2)

    of the Oakland coliseum kind of a couple of starters Brett Anderson and at Dallas getting up to drop a few thousand Rivera ..... Thanks for playing along. They did Dallas Braden and Brett Anderson on here. Originally denigrating your division think

  1. Anderson latest signal caller when Bears take on Packers


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    The Bears defense will hear yet another new voice Monday, when James Anderson will be the fifth different defensive signal caller for the Bears in the past 13 games.

  2. Staying or going? A's have decisions to make


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    Will the A's bring back Coco Crisp with the club's $7.5 million option? What about pitcher Brett Anderson ? Oakland is on the clock.

  3. off the board to get to the front of that turns spins speeds Anderson at number eight by the way for. Did you design it. His first ..... own zone we broke it down but stays with this it just really Anderson kind of out of position but makes a chaotic back in there gonna

  4. every pass every captions. He would slide to. I don't know he quarterback but we knew he wasn't sentencing when Willie Anderson passed. He gives us if we get people to respect the Yankees play as well as anybody possible right now and now I'm not up

  5. Sick bay: All Bears on the practice field


    Thu, 17 Oct 2013

    The Bears were injury free in Thursday's practice as every available player participated in practice including James Anderson , Martellus Bennett, Stephen Paea and Charles Tillman.

  6. are in the league number one how many of them score four goals if I'm losing eight to two and I lead in the ninth goal the best way to solve problem like I did not let him score. Yes yeah. Players are quite understand what Anderson .

  7. What does the future hold for Balfour, Crisp, Anderson ?


    Fri, 11 Oct 2013

    Grant Balfour is a free agent, and the A's hold options on Coco Crisp and Brett Anderson . Will any of the three be back in in 2014?

  8. attention to detail is amazing this week everybody focused team in everybody really tough on him. Round around part of went for defense and turnovers by the Anderson 's tonight thanks so much congratulations thank them and there's.

  9. NBA experience giving James Anderson an edge


    Mon, 7 Oct 2013

    Former 20th overall pick James Anderson is a veteran compared to most of the other Sixers and hopes to take advantage of his experience by starting more games.

  10. was. Today is number you know the first one beautiful in the center Anderson have been hurt Bartlett's then another minute and Emmitt Thomas. Not really you know I kind of going to fresh here you know

  11. White Sox trim 40-man roster to 37


    Fri, 4 Oct 2013

    The White Sox removed catcher Bryan Anderson and pitchers Brian Omogrosso and Ramon Troncoso from their 40-man roster on Friday. The roster now stands at 37,

  12. Noticed him peso target you know do too much through the same time to me shoot you know Columbia native. And government team Anderson and that was when death. Consistent. Look like it could be really scares me. Do you think it was marchers turned out I did

  13. We just. like you I thought speculation few opportunities you have an opportunity chance recruiter that maybe should be Anderson . Now I'm not I'm not gonna try to prove anything. You know if I do get a chance to play them play the best for him go

  14. fully funded. It's. I'm actually here MCI then. On June this is the other movies he had that he's never heard him Anderson 's. I know. This falls in the category of cool stuff I want them. You get that. Learn more yeah. That Tennessee. It

  15. month of September. And Australia guy who'd tip your cap to remember you exposed to be in this rotation you know Brett Anderson opening day starter he gets hurt. And straight in ones are basically a mainstay from the second week of April. For

  16. are sitting I think it was they just octagon side when he saw Anderson Silva. Get knocked out cold so. So the of the new guy looked at it what did you learn from watching Anderson Silva get beat up like that is there are some that work. You

  17. Cleveland he's doing a lot of that stuff so again that's carry over for Richardson coming This mean the addition of Rick Anderson allowed more spin like you would be looking here are. Taylor type of. Every now and well I'm sure that's the way they

  18. again I think it everything hit it to be tough. You know staying it maybe if you haven't kind of on. The next Blanco and Anderson that a good thing that you know of course is confidence and he goes down he's just forget about it and be confident that

  19. go downfield and stretch defenses. Close corner. Big cat this. Could spin. And strong tough. personal court. Could be Anderson hopes it. Texas me and I think they got something. Something we're. Quite a few. The cells that play with Andrew and

  20. incest so he will play tomorrow tomorrow we'll CO he feels tomorrow it feels good he'll play tomorrow similar. Correct. Anderson was able to pitch tonight he was he was available. In the days when lost present especially jarring when it comes officers