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A's/Jays postgame 5.10 - Toronto P Brett Cecil



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Tue, 9 Aug 2011|

Suzuki talks about Harden's impressive outing, and his 7th inning blast into the upper deck.


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Curtis standing by announcers -- nice job tonight let's start with. Rich Harden look like early. Maybe the changeup wasn't there but He worked his way through it He really get better as the. Game one on there a -- -- to a group right there in early in the game a lot of his pitches were up in the zone and com. You know I really wanted to establish is fast -- -- -- jump on them try to -- primarily in the game you know first fits me a lot and you know we had a slow on the all of that but once we kind of got there isn't settled down I really want to establish that fastball down in the zone and once He got that going to change of -- -- that He was lights out. That -- you get a pitcher down in the zone and He eventually did with the fastball changeup. Well -- -- -- you know with -- and you know Cano on some of those guys like to -- down a way to rise. Does that guy get them out in front and reach enough for that hour fastball to keep it down in the zone and my you know once they kind of get that group going and you know everything pretty much -- -- that. -- tickets -- that seventh did they got first and third. You get the first out and then. Pardon settles in gets -- CB and -- I don't know if you saw it or not but we've never seen Rich Harden is pumped up does He was. Coming off the Bob but those two final at -- three got the strikeouts what are you thinking there. On and I have never seem crazy like that four and do you see you think when things go bad then you start going crazy but. He did something good needs that kinda got fired up and you we're cats and -- beloved because there is -- like that but but you know answers to the fire and competitiveness and is often see for -- Well -- not -- -- stayed away from the dugout because He was fired up but but there's no doubt He would never defeated the Blue Jays especially. And not -- well here so it's nice to see him do that but. The stuff about -- hitting because Brett Cecil had a very good changeup struck out some batters look like it made the mistake both you and Willingham what about -- especially what second deck here. -- -- -- Yeah I know I had that kind of the opposite. I just getting an outlet. Not me I. It's not the first two at bats that's really out in front of a lot of things -- really focus my last at bat just to stay back and see the ball and almost tell myself get jammed a little bit you know because -- not really on primary and so that's that good. See the ball and traded -- -- -- the ball off the right field and He threw a curve ball dollar slider down and in and I got the head out and you know rest is history so power -- -- -- speed guy that you laid out but what the heck right. I it's time to help the ballclub when -- -- that you think have a ballclub win. There you go mr. cliche we like that 15 Monica I have to ask you not walk a much who met a lot to you ways with the days as a bench coach He helped you with your catching. What is it like for you that saw they Begin the season that you see him again that they have you two to be able to get together talking about. It's great you know -- Italian at dons had such great influence in all my career and my development and you know. Him not being on this team whenever we play against a team that he's coaching -- I got there really make them proud and you know -- that I'm still improving and still using a lot things that he's coming in. -- and it's great to see and you know I know he's happy over there and you know -- -- -- before a game and you know I'm sure look at -- later.

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  1. weird things do you and Blog what the doctor yesterday and this Almonte concussion tests and it is that's all of this month Cecil . Together go back to you release Sunday in Yeah. He has until you know this is the day Monday that he knows you know. And

  2. and in a meeting room with me on off day on Tuesday at 8 in the morning. And it's due diligence this shows that you learned Cecil and a that's is a burning desire to be successful so believe we just keep on get more people. To do that in this system ambiance

  3. good you know Smart your learned works hard. He's kind of quirky. These things work every day and doing his job so. Who renounces. Wounds the pre season and Sosa Cecil . Or eligible in the mentality and community brings we're there.

  4. day tires till the end you know we McCain here the team did a great judge Jeremy Romo you know everybody we think the defense Cecil . We just every day is a new day and we just have to lose. Continue playing NN. Played great defense and of course Tim gave

  5. in and done really have to show up for the hometown fans. I've got a third grade being done and I know for a march 8 and Cecil sold out crowd and you know it with Don Jordan promotion and presents you know all the local fighters like. Paul Mendez you

  6. make that It got me excited because I see a lot of kid myself I see a lot of what he was able to do as issue in myself that as Cecil . Hum hum I'm looking forward to him. Yeah it can you replace the or. Yeah they he kid and he's got the capabilities we

  7. users often drew off pick and roll which is good game plan for them it. and didn't. The last three or four games so. Think Cecil who if you know Get into the in China to drug offense is please coli can get around them and force in the hope that you go to

  8. It's. Is not. Always. He uses. That. That's it. News about that Lou. I don't think. about it I thought about Cecil I don't know I. one. There as the guy whose other guys 211 not accurate obviously defence rules to take away the and what

  9. and just continue to play my game play physical. This team's gonna go to play physical assault you might get their chief Cecil want. Then there today. He's got a reluctantly give more has got to be tough so. I was just looking at that would come

  10. it tried to hit the ball it just bottom. Yeah as one of those things tonight where you know that there's one time and now Cecil almost You know looking get a can handle. One in there and now they would get. On when you're considered well I've heard

  11. s got it impacts the game. Give them credit. He made it soft soft shot down the stretch. But but as it's no surprise Cecil Williams we've got to be better. We lost in the final seconds. We'll play made by Roger On a roll after being down. You

  12. W. Very good even a little here at the end another senior guy team for this team and here team chemistry obviously you guys Cecil so far this year what's working for you. I think just. Being calm when the game comes we're all kind of friends. Some

  13. out of the game of football. On you know I do what does take initiative. And you know we you know we want to want to. Ben Cecil No. It took me what it is. Seven years of its. We'll. Thank you quickly shut out the bad years here you ever think you

  14. there's gonna get a halve the passengers and a market don't plan as we got married these. Disliking any areas notes on Brady's development engine Cecil . The big is similar to watch film offense is more And have statements of course.

  15. season you guys. Look back the seasons say that was successful season what do you guys need to do to I think we got it done and Cecil say they slots is setting. And just change his overall. Gun for an playoff stuff that. RC yes are you guys and you'll get

  16. him everything everybody does not easier you know his covers all or linebackers and things like that but that's he argued Cecil told I believe that. Competitive every time. And a big game. Obviously going in next week's New England has Tom Brady how

  17. women do a lot and I think overall. I thought that effort he gave there was it was really really good get yeah. Well that's Cecil field right there you know they're just not around for now and you know they're good teams figure out a way to keep moving

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