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8.25: Brett Wallace Farm League Update



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  4. Matt Holliday6:46, 7:37
  5. Aubrey Huff4:43
  6. Freddy Sanchez9:59
  7. Mark DeRosa3:50
  8. Miguel Tejada10:04
  9. Johnny Damon8:13
  10. World Series3:02
  11. Brett Wallace's7:54
Wed, 19 Jan 2011|

Mychael Urban and guests detail how the A's and Giants are preparing for the upcoming season.


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Martin with -- back you we've addressed this a little bit on the hot stove show on the TV that thing but the reality show that showtime is proposing wanna hear. We would have followers -- Norris want to hear your thoughts on the proposed -- reality show good bad and different. I don't see any good coming out of them a year job you're the world champion that are going to be fifteen other teams that are gonna put a bullseye on your back for this entire season. They're gonna go after you every single game. Who needs cameras in the locker room who needs in the clubhouse who needs on the field. Who needs Tim Lincecum being followed around by cameras you're job is to win baseball games. Games not to get national recognition on how you like to walk your dog in the morning. I think you're here to the play baseball I can't see any good out of it I can't see the players making that much money out of -- I think it's a distraction. Baseball one of those games that goes on every single day. Go to a five game losing streak in Manhattan walk into the locker -- -- CNN after the game after a five game losing streak and went through the cameras follow somebody around. It's gonna be pretty interest things and we baseball's definitely better than we just promo Carol where we're gonna follow Tim -- Does not want -- and I. -- -- Right when he does well and one day old dog does he use the plastic Glover did you do give back a legitimate question looking on and I don't HBO world you know -- not really good -- it. Where I don't Lincecum has and. Amenity like August and let's see how the cameras looking and see so there's so it's fraught with peril I just don't see any good out of it I don't see why they need. What's interesting in Henry before we get you're next week. I -- Ask you what you know the timing of it they're gonna have a preview show early in the season and then they're not really gonna start cranking it up on a regular basis so the second half of the season with -- jumper. Mean I think they have a contract and and in the what's what's what part of the reason of of the waiting to the second half this is going to be heavily edited show. And it's interesting since I wrote this. The story on ours at Saturday's paper -- to show. I've got a couple of people from the Giants called me and say -- you have you've got at all wrong there's not going to be any controversy in this the only players are going to be on this are going to be players who. I'll wanna be on this. They're not gonna be followed around -- they that they don't want to it's just showed the personality of the players and you know I kind of got yelled at the tone of my story by two people from the Giants. And today I happen to talk to somebody on the production and they said I'm honored that they ask you -- little bit of controversy to it you know we you know we we can't. The machine and then you get the commission. It. Is exactly -- -- don't want great. I think what it's not an island at I think what they say it's not going to be is you know like real housewives of Giants players it's not gonna be like. You know at a barbecue and got one player like tonight in about another player's life and create internal sure that if you do want to Harden type nitty gritty and they want. Let me -- the deal like the parade July winning the World Series in the pennant that's. That's what people want it that's the bottom line we're very good baseball season into the world champions they've never done this before. Let's see him do it again who needs this in the middle of that this is not simple. Right or could have very limited timeframe like they did twenty course at -- capitals and Penguins that was perfectly with the you know flight that this regular season with great -- not edited and that would not have been pretty good show up that'd been. Heavily edited for. Think slightly missed the boat I think -- this genre because those eight teams that you and I are together in the early 2000. With Hudson Mulder and do with the -- and Giambi and even he threw jobs stairs in the offense and ran out of the net frank mimicking. Yeah thanks frank. -- we've got somebody wants to ask you about Mark DeRosa rolled -- to -- MLB -- 99. Pretty simple question what on the road will be. -- give -- to be seen I think right now because he's coming back because he hasn't really played baseball at full strength as the middle of the 2009 season right now they can't really pencil me into anything except. Really a super role player type guy guys can come and play a little wet field a little third base little first base for what not. -- but I mean I think that there's a good chance maybe somewhere along the line that somebody gets hurt. You start playing really well somebody once he may end up in a position what I know he wants to do -- he wants to be the third baseman. Almost animal wants to be the third base and they both can't be the third baseman. So I think if this is one of those questions it's really going to develop over spring training as the season goes on and could be one of those things just like Aubrey Huff where. Mark the -- role in April may be different than it is in June and -- may be different and again and isn't it in September OK now it's. Go back to you who's in the eighth to -- three significant additions on the off. Our offensive side of things which was one of their top goals going in to the post season. They had. About it it seems -- that it met through him that Willingham. Are the -- done adding offense that the -- -- Twitter followers wants to. Specifically the question it. Up on the board we don't have -- board our. They've done adding offense -- did you think he would have done that's what was Giambi can you don't think Tommy is absolutely want people afraid of and that you know run everything under. Yeah. And -- -- pretty scary early bath and dummies don't scare me I can run faster -- them and I are bad they really don't want done. Is done out of conference. Not for now. But you know I technically -- -- today and I asked him. We felt extra relievers who got -- extra outfielders are you thinking about -- -- team -- obviously they would like. An upgrade at third base because they wanna trade people felt it. Would they do something like that to get a third baseman personal there aren't that many you know really top -- third baseman that might be available -- probably not. But he said they did not make any of these moves with an eye toward making a trade but it enabled the trade down the line if they see something that it. If they can improve the position they have the ability do that obviously goes without thinking that if they're out of it at mid season ticket and Pakistan but that's kind of. At least forte every movie he mixes with a -- towards making deals -- you look at the current construction of the bullpen right now. But if they're out of it or and it they can deal a bunch of guys like to say that got closer they got that amendment specialist that you don't want to different things -- in the camper. Exactly well I think you the one place they can obviously try to upgrade at third base and I think right now they are that it's Kouzmanoff. You know -- and left something crazy happens it's gave up I think their pretty much done until. You know in the space -- about that you know one of the problems with the -- over the years the Matt Holliday situation and you bring people in. Say -- doesn't work out we're gonna move view mid season it's. Good for the camaraderie of the team you want a team coming out of spring training we're one unit we're here for the whole season we're gonna win and it. And when you bring people into the mussina two years. With the idea -- doesn't work out Willingham have a great market. -- he would have been a giant last year he didn't have a knee injury dejesus the same thing he had the thumb injury you wanna hit king and unpacking. Actually and a holiday should've been a lesson for them that you don't wanna get into a situation with a guys -- one put up. The door I got that that they actually have stayed awake and not entirely that -- then I have not heard anybody with the eighth even remotely suggest that. They're playing these guys with an item possibly trading him I'm Nate. I think that they've made every indication that athletes and that they're going for it. -- and Matt Holliday was such a departure in terms of big name in the big money that you basically with swearing in on time span. Inconvenient but that's what we always ended up in yeah -- get near July in less there in first place -- really think they can win it. It's a sale and -- who they gonna bring in next to Michael -- the world that the Brett Wallace's and I just wanna see a team coming out of spring training say. That's the team were in it for the long haul we signed him for two years you're not going anywhere. Marty one of the best eight teams at the last decade plus with that 2001 team has been if you remember that team. Almost up to the trading deadline there were guys to remember Johnny Damon vividly well sort of thing every other day at I think I have to patent -- at at and getting traded. And with excellent in the chronicle under the -- probably the best they had earlier than that kind of not necessarily expect that he -- Are real way to break out of that Ben Sheets missing the -- I don't know I brought that up until -- that -- let's let's bring it on home now this is a giant. Torre and I'm gonna split it up between the -- review because it is an extremely ambitious -- It's gonna take a little bit awhile a little bit of time -- you got to answer somebody wants to know your 2011. Predictions for. The starting rotation this is from. Scott. 2011 starting lineup and pitching rotation Marty I'm gonna give you the rotation. And reading the line. Lineup Marty -- and Taylor you gave me the easy. I've been pitching well enough in other words in order deserve what you think about okay that's a good question. I think that it's gonna be the same as it was last year I think Lincecum goes first. I think Zito is back in the second spot. I think -- is in the third spot Sanchez's in the fourth spot and -- Garner is in the fifth spot. I think they wanna limit the innings for Baumgarten there's no reason to put that pressure on him in the second spot. Sanchez as you pointed out earlier Michael is still got to prove himself -- -- I think he did break through maybe Hendry you said that. In the earlier show I think he has broken through but he's still -- fourth starter in my opinions I think we see what we saw last year. And Henry I know this is such a difficult question -- answer because there's so many variables in play including Pablo and Derosa and how often belt and all that but your best guess. Or are just what would you like to see what do you think would give them the best chance to. Now we're just going through my head and I still had renteria batting second I -- Well I think you'll see Andres Torres batting lead off I think you'll see Freddy Sanchez -- second. All bring up third. I think that maybe you've been you'll see Miguel Tejada. Perhaps. Hitting four you that you have any you know right handed hitter. To back him and he you can go left right left now especially if Pablo is hitting you can you can -- -- I can get a million Posey and and I absolutely Posey getting concert Posey getting. Fourth maybe part of any problem hitting fifth. How to hitting sixth maybe didn't do it that way. Laws and and you know a bit then Ross and who are -- leaving now than a -- fielder. Oh yeah the world some somewhere down there at the bottom of the order -- Ross Ross pearl not a betting line. Don't know. Oh yeah and again that's assuming that everybody's healthy and it is difficult to -- Susan. So aptly notes because she's been covering it always hurts all it hurt that's on kind of on a daily basis has returned to get mad at me for -- about his injuries comic you don't. Kind of on the back and Brandon McCarthy and what -- -- Rich Harden. Well it in McCarthy in the that's next -- yeah good question I -- question. Now though we're gonna take -- leave students -- for the chronicle and racial of the chronicle Marty -- -- are thinking so much thank you guys -- -- -- Extra inning here and I. After Portland will be doing this again next week emaciated check out everybody put -- -- including myself and urban. And urban the offense thanks for joining. Fortunate central.

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