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Vogelsong on All-Star snub: 'I should have pitched better'

Tue, 29 Oct 2013|

Former Red Sox pitcher and impending free agent Bronson Arroyo joined Danny Picard on his show I'm Just Sayin' on Tuesday.

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  1. Belt: 'We're going in on Tuesday and we're going to win'

    Brandon Belt on Bronson Arroyo's dominant performance and the team's attitude going into Cincinnati.

  2. YSTL: Giants continue trend of overpaying stars

    could get more of a bargain deal but they need. Two starting pitchers Lincecum was one thing you one more could be a Bronson Arroyo . Could Dan Haren. But no I think that's a good point the fact that the minor league system. You should have your

  3. Kruk & Kuip: 'It was all Reds tonight'

    about the third or fourth inning may have the because Bronson Arroyo was working his magic he seems to be able to do that ..... desk guy who has great command which is exactly. What Arroyo is so he goes the distance and it was his fifteenth

  4. Gaudin, Leake take the hill in final meeting of season

    their best starter all season long I mean this guy's won nine games form he's got a great ERA. And much like Bronson Arroyo they'll throw the kitchen sink down threw out their tee without the funky delivery of he's got a fastball and

  1. Arroyo : Lackey should be good to go for Game 6


    Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    Former Red Sox pitcher and impending free agent Bronson Arroyo joined Danny Picard on his show I'm Just Sayin' on Tuesday.

  2. comfortable there right now in the Freddie is just as it's in the position Friday so you know the secret to That review it. Arroyo is start though we've got real board yeah sure that. Portland never left that. Yeah that are better and then more right

  3. Pending free agent Arroyo loves 'whole vibe' of San Francisco


    Wed, 28 Aug 2013

    The Giants may be in the market for a new starter this offseason and one option is already making his love for S.F. known.

  4. hot and win the World Series and and so. We're trying to do all we can do the grind it out we had a very tough division is Arroyo knows what's we're playing hard it's it was a little bit under the weather today. We traveled actually on the day of

  5. Tonight in MLB: Arroyo can play stopper again


    Sat, 27 Jul 2013

    Bronson Arroyo will try to get the Cincinnati Reds back on track Saturday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  6. two thirds innings pitched. It's the third time in his career he has allowed three home runs in a game by the way Bronson Arroyo on the other hand. He had his sixth career shutout allowing seven hits and six strike yeah. AL west leading athletics

  7. Reds are coming to town free best records in the league. the National League central running third they're gonna Bronson Arroyo tomorrow the stylish right hander beat the Giants essentially. On July the first by a score of 821 and Tim Lincecum

  8. Giants lineup: Belt, Blanco return


    Mon, 1 Jul 2013

    After two straight days facing southpaws, the Giants are going up against Bronson Arroyo , meaning starts for Brandon Belt and Gregor Blanco.

  9. The home on Tuesday for a mini two game set with the Cincinnati Reds rematch of the 1998 World Series and takes the baseball coming up. A rough start in Texas but it's no secret he really would prefer to be. In Oakland coliseum. This guy can not a very big guy but he has an idea of what he's trying

  10. Instant Replay: A's unkind to Arroyo , defeat Reds 7-3


    Tue, 25 Jun 2013

    The A's plated seven runs in the first four innings, and the bullpen picked up a sluggish Tommy Milone to defeat the Reds 7-3.

  11. Okay that's very innocent and I come out and really makes a great. You have a fan of the one of about 800 million Christian Arroyo Big Ten yards turned up. You know I'm going out to keep on the other day and he really wanted to meet you yeah I get a chance

  12. While they only got more baby faced the new was always got home. The last two weeks Christian Arroyo has gone from Florida high school shortstop to giants' number one draft pick. Designing his first professional contract Thursday

  13. Arroyo idolizes Posey, but doesn't want to follow his lead


    Fri, 21 Jun 2013

    Christian Arroyo was expected by many to switch to catcher due to a lack of speed. Instead, the high school standout aims to remain a shortstop.

  14. This guy's awesome this is a setup man but he's history. And I'm excited to be here secured us. How many are you that that the Giants organization overall. You know. A group of us because he sent us and obviously to choose his passes for you on. Not very familiar. You know at least those memories

  15. plaza. And we're gonna start with that you sign Christian Arroyo and we get a tweet at YS TL on our Twitter account. From birds OK he wants to know the Giants trip to Christian Arroyo . He says well ahead of his projected draft slot what did you

  16. Report: Giants ink first round pick Christian Arroyo


    Tue, 18 Jun 2013

    Shortstop Christian Arroyo was the MVP of the Team USA under-18 team that won a gold medal at the World Championships in South Korea.

  17. morning everyone comments read here in the Comcast sports net studios with your morning met and here's the latest on a Marcos go Arroyo are early reporting to screw Guerrero has orthopedist called mallet finger. Which is caused by tendon damage and we have the

  18. John give us an idea what it was like behind the scenes as you guys made this election the 25 pick how you arrived at it. Already we've been preparing for this Texans last year racers adrift ends last year we start prepared for this year. And the player that we selected. Christian Mario we've been

  19. Giants use No. 25 pick on high school shortstop


    Fri, 7 Jun 2013

    The San Francisco Giants selected Christian Arroyo , a shortstop from Hernando High School in Florida, with the No. 25 overall pick in the 2013 MLB Draft.

  20. Instant Replay: Reds 10, Phillies 0


    Sat, 18 May 2013

    Reds starter Bronson Arroyo went 7 2/3 scoreless innings as the Phillies were shut out for the sixth time this season in a 10-0 pounding on Saturday.