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10.10: SFG/ATL NLDS Game 3 Postgame- Brooks Conrad



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Thu, 9 Jun 2011|

University of California baseball play-by-play announcer Danny Fry details the Bears run to the NCAA super regionals.


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Okay. Heard a lot of flack back the whole nation is there to -- any -- because of the overnight sensation welcome back to front of a lot of money for re read or hear of yours truly. Greg Papa bearing gifts for mister Damon are they -- yeah the other guys they should have three holes -- Other -- is still scratchy then you. Does catchy it's been a rough 36 48 hours what I don't know where you were the night before the game yeah. Did you midwest timer in Houston had He not only are we losing your whoever Colin -- another game -- doubles that game started at 915 did finish left him and I you know I've I've lost my voice so many times in my career and his sisters and it's tough for me to watch and listen when I hear those. When you hear that -- everybody loves it it's a great audience the ads playing it and locally it's been. Nonstop when you look back and that He cringe a little bit -- and I have my voice that -- I'm not a lie I enjoy every moment. I bring the emotion of the broadcast news and and it's just such an exciting player but again I'm getting all this press that really. It should be about the county is what they've done is a special on and off the field let let's just talk about what happened on Monday night could you go to the bottom of the ninth against Spain and you're down a three run so you're you're -- can pretty much this great story of that. Getting this far in saving the programs -- -- and -- that's why it was so amazing to you to see them come back and score for their own no question me and they were down 71 game. Who and that brought back to eight to five and actually about that 75 and then -- one run in the top of the ninth inning and they thought you know that extra run and that was insurance they needed that. Cal got some help from Bears defense -- part of doing his best Brooks Conrad impressions of him. Through his legs and went what's that happen this team can is gonna do that in. And change benefited our -- big strokes money it seems in just ridiculous to me in light of the windfall that Larry Scott was able to get -- his TV deal. Three bill. Spurt to a ten years in the H schooled the 21 million they would even talk about -- rolling back. Programs was it really gonna happen do you think and how they got a lot of money from Jeff Kent but. Do you think this was a program that was always going to be saved one day or was there a time there when it looked like a Bears would no longer play baseball. Not that they were really close games on and I think the hope was that there -- going to be saved. The likelihood of -- say it was always. At some level. But there was no assurance do it you know I'm in at this point. I think you can -- to say that they're going to be around for a long time and it hasn't mattered how good or bad they weren't suggesting it. It no matter how good or bad they -- it wasn't a matter what matters now that they have that might not be a slam themselves for a long time. To negative trickle down to the guys that I know we have coach mr. in the been racing you know I am today you -- -- the program back in judgment and think about transferring it how much of that was the from the day to day talk is the guys replaying the season this year. You know I think -- Kept them away from them just a little bit but the guys use this as fuel fuel the fire and you know what the team was. Going to be key -- -- They went nineteen and six and then all of a sudden they're reinstated and that kind of lost their motel but they found themselves again here in the in the post season. I think lose in the Baylor in game one of that double elimination tournament was -- the best in the could happen to them. Is this a team. That can right the -- you would you put it. Threw home hall or is there a point which they simply hit the warming Arizona State's loaded like they haven't been along time I mean. How much longer does this play itself. Ally I think they can go as far as their pitching will take them. And they they like the Giants and they have. For outstanding pitchers. They're swinging and the weekdays starter Kevin -- senior spectacular. He led the that He leaving ERA for most the season. Take away three or four bad starts and he's someone five and it's all -- and the hitting start to come alive and if that does and I think it has He can go very far in the hole. -- we're excited about this weekend they're going down do -- chanticleers Steve Schott stadium because you can't plan Berkeley because there's no lights is that the story out there are no lights in Berkeley and hopefully that'll change soon. Now and the press box a little tight little tight but I don't think even get to broadcasters in there but. You know it Santa -- is. Better than wherever we're gonna play in Texas what what what what about Dallas Baptist is this is a team that can score a lot of runs in their -- on the front of the giant killer of the tournament so. Do you think you'll be able to get two out of three against these guys I'm cool with Cal's pitching it's great because you guys you know. Great pitching -- great hitting team that scores nearly Atlanta can anyone can take out TCU and Oklahoma in the fourth regional is is a good team and a. It's it's gonna be a great series but the fact that it's played so close to home with his definite advantage for talent obviously but hitting can -- can keep up. I really think that they're gonna take didn't. -- gonna run to Omaha let me just say his bandwagon predicting it but this bandwagon. Has a lot of room. It's not stopping an intense and I guess 72 hours before first pitch for you go garbled something to protect -- my -- -- word about your mom on a diet until young illegal diamond in the -- Drink drink heavy and not enough alcohol there's just got to say that drink heavily in that make it here. -- dedicate our regulations.

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