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10.3: SD/SF Pregame- The Managers



  1. Brian Wilson0:51, 2:05, 2:44
  2. Bud Black3:19
  3. Matt Cain0:46
  4. Melky Cabrera1:12
  5. Tony La Russa3:46
  6. Lou Piniella3:44
  7. Barry Bonds1:47
  8. Tim Lincecum0:39, 0:43, 2:43
  9. Buster Posey3:56
Sun, 23 Sep 2012|

Giants Insider Andrew Baggarly talks about the Giants' business-like approach, and praises Bruce Bochy's managing.


Machine Generated Transcript

Thanks welcomed at Giants say insurance Giants post game live and -- pressure on the pregame show. If the celebration that today I would be more muted because they clinched in game 152. Was opposed to two years ago -- Washington. When they went to 162. -- sensing it. A little more muted it tonight but I'm not in the clubhouse positive feelings on that giant clubhouse and on the dugout. The team that's been very businesslike as they could be a great word to describe that sort. Giants general manager Brian -- news I asked him how do you describe this year's team and really he just said it's it's a team where people picked each other up you've got Tim Lincecum. Very shockingly not pitching anywhere close to the Tim Lincecum we expect in the first half and what -- you have you got Ryan global -- Matt Cain in the Giants at one stretch or sixteen you know. In their starts you've got Brian Wilson going down early in the year and you got Santiago Casilla stepping up. Going nineteen for twenty in save situations and then the bullpen committee doing at the job after that and I did get a chance to talk to Bruce OT as well and he told me this is his most special years a manager the most special teams he's been a part of he's just so proud. Of the way that they were able crashed through the front door and this is a team that on the team Melky Cabrera was suspended. On August 15 you're tied for the division lead and and now everyone expected that this season would come down those last three games at Dodger Stadium. We're a long way from that series at Dodger Stadium and hear the Giants are popping -- so. Chris coach Ian Bryce savings is very pleased -- the way this team just kept the pedal to the metal all the way. And this is Bruce OJ second division title as the giant manager so he joins a short list of Roger Craig and Dusty Baker and ended -- -- Years' time you watch this guy from the onset -- he had inherited really they've Barry Bonds group at the end of Barry's career. A talk about the evolution of of a Bruce coaching as the giant manager we know how good was in the post season with torn a tendon. Bags but this guy had a magnificent year from wire to wire this year. There really dead. This is dealing with the Brian Wilson situation in the closer by committee situation very few managers in baseball. I think they could've gotten the results that he did in putting guys in position to perform. And yes he's had this fourteen man bullpen here in September is used guys he hasn't been afraid to get the batter by batter matchups. Doesn't matter if the games last three and a half hours he's gonna go ahead and get the matchups that he wants and do this is a guy who came on board in 2007 because they thought. His calm demeanor could really help the Shepherd the team through what they knew. Was gonna be kind of a fiasco from a PR standpoint with the Barry -- a run chase he's done that and he's provided the stability to help build a good pitching staff. Year in and year out. Like we said Tim Lincecum Brian Wilson the -- the Giants have not gotten what they expected out of those guys. And still -- standing here as division champs with a long way to go in this regular season so I think you have to give -- coaching a lot of credit for that and he's gonna get a lot of support for manager of the year along with the TV Johnson and in Washington. Without question I'd forgotten it you know these final two years in San Diego. In 2005. 2006. He won the National League best -- of those years Sandy Alderson took over and they biggest had a conflict there sandy did not want him. To be the manager to replace the the kind of forced them out they brought in Bud Black with that this is Bruce coaching six. National League west title more with the Padres in Knoxville with the Giants to three years banks. Dead is he and Dusty Baker obviously have won a lot of games in the NL west you look at Tommy -- Walter Alston other these are guys. He's right up there with them and and you know though a lot of the elder statesman in terms of managers in baseball have retired. You're Joseph Torre's of the world Lou Piniella. Certainly. Tony La Russa and you look up and Bruce OT is one of those elder statesman and I think he's gonna start to be seen in that light. And and having the kind of leadership that he gets every day from Buster Posey certainly makes it easier from a manager standpoint. Posey has just been the rock on this team that he heard the MVP -- really -- we all did today gonna be real surprised if he's not gonna win a post season award.

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