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Baggarly explains how Melky ruling could help Buster Posey



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Sat, 28 Sep 2013|

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Thanks again did another team and Valium plastered and score out here on them. He actually gets -- rest today that's can make. 2013 buster probably not worry guys want it to be but some really nice moment this season especially here towards the end it is as. Played very strong moreover some of your favorite. This season. Well I think. On the stands up for -- Lincecum and there but just the how many pitches -- during the game. It was it was definitely something I'll always remember. Like you mentioned down the stretch we played a lot better which is very encouraging -- that was the goal. To finish up strong and I'm happy and proud of the way guys have played it. Defense is he's an enthusiasm and his New Hampshire hasn't been easy to watch at times for fans. I think we're gonna have some good momentum going in the next year. Well it do you go into next you're looking for personally -- -- -- -- educated well issue what you wanna work on. Well I'm excited about it Estes happen having little more time number one the essence of my body recover I mean it's. It's it's a big part. You know getting in shape this is having an attendant or cover. And then really just. -- in the weight room and come back. In great -- search for insurance spring training and maintaining that. Throughout the course of the year. What do you do injured do you have a trainer do you have other. Of players that you work out when you get a regiment. Or come -- myself. I've done. Work out with -- group. And I feel that I have. And that there's more time wasted talking -- It's an off I think this -- him or. Get it done it is Wear -- So listen we know that there's a lot of them questions that cannot be answered about this team and what it's gonna look like next year. But one thing that's pretty sure in that. There's going to be some changes and there's going to be some changes meant starting rotation. Business wise I know you just go about your business and you know that's part of the game. Human why and how how difficult is that knowing that we are at a transition plan this team. Well like you said I mean I understand and it did. There's always a possibility of guys that are around. The same time. I think -- human ones. Stat heads and ten kept looking at film meantime he's gonna start creating more humane way. Human element. Yeah been here for I guess. Must. Have for years and you build. Patten here around guys as much as we are you build. Really close relationships with some mom. But technologies -- sentenced. To. You can't. I if I don't -- that I didn't never have attained in ever support weekend book about your way doing it or. Yet I mean I'm glad could should she -- a firecracker. Had no issue sharing a few pit. -- full list of ringer. Yeah it if he got a helmet right in your Buckeyes that -- not me on human. Side this thing isn't. I hope that it. Checking in grammar. Yeah I mean it's. Did you stay out here lake. She's pretty -- I think my mom did today so it happened on and it Ericsson. Sorry it's. Phonetic -- didn't get the kid and hasn't started the stuff and the elements of my grammar but she seems in this opportunity to correct me when this and again about to help. And then this whole lake let's go oh I wanna get the garage clean and an eight man. Let's look -- Alexander got it and I am wrong. She gets us. That's normal for marriages. Yeah you know what it's funny because I watched. I watched that idiot and had a few girls there and Eddie you watched it. So well that series now ourselves in this he would what you're going up again when I was -- -- -- -- okay. It's she. -- she surprised me a little bit she threw me under the bus for -- She thought she had no issues like a -- got to feel that. That's yeah well you know -- -- than normal a couple -- they've got a few issues everywhere. The not -- Buster Posey. Thank you so much it's always a pleasure I I know the answer isn't it I know they want you back next year. I'm not Hendry and that's not answer that tells contained when it's not Q and then I ahead. I'm fine thank you baseline on CSN. -- got confident and I just Lester knows what twenty either team --

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  2. First of all I think I have to thank the man right here that sets the example. That leads all of us on the field today. Willie McCovey. Who wasn't for him. This award all of us all my fears that showed up here than what we before me thanking god for being here for the example she sets all of us.

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  11. Earlier today inside AT&T park I sit down Buster Posey and began by asking him to assess his season. Mom. It's been all right and then I think it. Everybody would say there's

  12. do play with guys of that caliber is. It's like anything else you could be doing this summer as opposed to pick up or is Posey can go our society just blessed to be there. it's a friendly competition goes on during practice. You can We look forward

  13. Just really nice solid win for you guys good defense good pitching and enough offense to get it done that's nice to see Ellis things come together. It was a good win Tim had a great performance. better as the game went along. Davis is really good innings and I just have enough offense ticketed them

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  16. That's a good man I could feel in the I was happy with the way it felt. Were hoping that you noticed rather something you really sort of hurt my hand. Yeah I think I'm more in this. Yeah more than I'm going through winning game. Yeah yeah they used against our look pretty so. I wouldn't come on.

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    SAN FRANCISCO – Buster Posey 's fractured right ring finger passed the tests in batting practice on Saturday, so he ..... making it more and more likely that next year will resemble the 2012 paradigm when it comes to Posey 's playing time.

  20. shown that he doesn't lodges in and starts telling me. Be really good. Yankees and in with that said and he got Buster Posey hearing about Hector Sanchez both catchers as well fun field. What do you try and learn from them and then what are