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1.30: CC Sabathia gives back



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Fri, 20 Sep 2013|

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It is a beautiful yard boys could -- they -- -- a lot of those home runs Soriano solo or A -- Grand Slam go out of any other ballpark. In the world including Coors Field. Well I don't think Lou I don't think Soriano goes with the in my -- few parts were. Rodriguez's ball goes out but he is definitely a life part of yard. Don't have to remember that CC sabathia. Worked in and out of a lot of trouble. And the Giants had some opportunities to go the other way that you didn't give any help standout in the direction. Those are the toughest part of this one is deceiving here and runs or Lincecum gave up that that he probably shouldn't have and also the loss. That that he's got to Wear today. The issue better this thing about this just two years trip to New York is it to all of a sudden the -- -- -- for the Giants has got very quiet. And I get a whole lot of bill Posey Hunter Pence. Pablo Sandoval it really is a shore up the scoreboard. They had their opportunities today and they could not cash in the rabbits at the table what they could get the big hit. If it is a night where you look at the road but Gabriel look at the box score tomorrow you can see -- -- -- you think well you gave up it's great. And it's unfortunate that today he was started by a short porch in right.

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  1. few parts were. Rodriguez's ball goes out but he is definitely a life part of yard. Don't have to remember that CC sabathia . Worked in and out of a lot of trouble. And the Giants had some opportunities to go the other way that you didn't

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  4. s difficult for younger players to stay ready and there every day. That done well against lefties all season that would sabathia in particular need you know explanation point and have them well one nothing over there. He pitched pretty good game the home

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  13. really gravitate to asking questions and just you know trying to pick his brain. Matt the American League series and you get sabathia and Verlander guys who Known for taking the responsibility putting on their shoulders and and almost their team to win. Do

  14. on some early runs and of course those positions that Could be comfortable out there hardly has been outstanding in helping sabathia Its plane going into the end zone a little seating area I mean here's a guy who. criticized for the way he's condition

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  16. that and certain guys fit the mold perfectly you know against the he would say yeah. Well I have to tell us right well it sabathia who looked good I mean balance is kind of threw really goofy game and he would probably say that kid down I think it was off

  17. know again at the ballpark. Uneasy Godfrey today you. What are your plans now from Monday Blackley will start on Monday. Sabathia really got going after home runs have a pitcher that you know once he gets on a roll like that it's hard and it's getting

  18. Have a plan at the plate and the plan is it it's just. Business right now little the struggles they're going in the but sabathia made the classroom. So it was the ball in play but now we wanted to do. You know. With the ball and we'll go toward you

  19. underneath the ball and by doing this until Baldwin is sport my waded forward. By opening the face and driving the leading edge underneath the ball. I'm able to get a pop up. And coming off what. Sabathia he'll much if I have a better at.

  20. from the red worked his you know big can talk me. And later really sweetheart right I thought it was huge isn't. CC sabathia makes him spread. But when there why. And I talked poppy and I you know Longoria year pop up Pablo charming and always