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Jim Kozimor visits with All-Stars from San Jose Giants



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Mon, 10 Jun 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Got on June 18 -- San Jose municipal stadium the San Jose Giants -- the California Carolina league all star game for tickets go to SJ Giants dot com. Here's a list of the five Giants who made the game. So they see it -- Some guys are going to be in the California League all star game from the San Jose Giants four of them. Have miraculously appear here. On Yahoo! Sports talk live let's introduce you to the all stars in the San Jose Jets because I've seen the future and they're standing right here on our program -- block. Correct I'm one for one. Geoff Arnold got the battery right there right pitcher catcher first baseman Angel is -- -- -- or Villa alone -- the Obama. Or key element beyond Tijuana coming to get a right and Edwin Escobar. I'm doing on four for four right now that's like you -- it -- for a -- again it's the best and I wouldn't -- a -- -- all right let's talk a little bit about being honored being part of the all star team how did I do you -- -- being asked to be a part of the all star team. It's a blessing to be able to be part of this team especially. Being in San Jose with the game and I've been able to represent the Giants organization is going to be a blast -- the season gone for you guys so far Jeff. Very well we have setting games remaining in the first half before game lead. The division so. We haven't quite -- general we're getting close. All right I'm gonna ask you question erratic. I'm gonna do it in Spanish and you help me out along all right at one. Here we go and this is for those of you haven't been down there -- seed San Jose Giants game. Great plays at San Jose -- -- going to be hosted the all star game coming up on the eighteenth of June so here's your question. -- got a love what cooked up -- San Jose Giants. Not content -- them that they get it clear that he got -- know what I ask. Almost the Amman Obama called Renaissance area which is what is the name of the mascot of the Giants and the answer is beyond this season he got there -- -- all right you got it right and got -- way to go right what did you. Does bring Boris there because I understand. The best barbecue in all of the California League is down there at the San Jose -- James is famous Turkey likes barbecue is this correct. Definitely had yet to come check out or he might she doesn't try to -- and I -- -- -- it's just an argument -- do it what do we got here what we had a good look at blond here you know. This is the guy has come on year old -- -- you East Coast Calero has rather -- -- for awhile so I know exactly what we're talking about it I guess and tried that you get the saws yes I got to -- you. I've -- I've got myself I like where do you like -- -- or repeat trips. I've elevated that I'm a big Mac guy myself so -- you did then do you go with the sauce after you put the media I think here's sauce after does it makes it -- to Saudi. There are and see what I'm gonna have this after we have a little batting practice did you guys have a big game you gotta get ready. For the all star game coming up in June who is ready to take some swings for Whipple you're gonna pitch Wright had one bad -- pitch in. I'm asked trivia you guys -- head on over here to our field of dreams as we like to call it. I take instead take this day at a -- sometimes -- pitcher he's still gonna hit the. They're soft toss for us right here's a question after question voiced their excellent. Are you ready to question number one Schuerholz Tim Lincecum pitched for the San Jose Giants true. That is correct couldn't get it going didn't keep -- lot of lessons. Is that what got us when we got here I. -- now that I'm back. Leno's tonight and went home. Poor performance mixed up who's next Jeff you gotta take some swings he's got to do our guys he's got let's go -- really until free ready he. I ask you what you scare me. Going to be here for a hole that -- and give it -- -- -- kind of pitch was -- Wednesday yet. We will. It's. Really didn't look you won the there's a thousand off all right next in line who's gonna swing away next Canadians as we sit here. We had just got a bit yeah all right Jeff the last few quick trivia quite yet. This is an easy -- -- -- I would ask you afterwards with the dimensions are did what year did Buster Posey at Madison -- -- hook up. In 2000 of 2009. And I don't get. They have volleyball. I was away and that's that's a basic yes. Is up the gap getting more. Wanna hear one more game one more. And I'm actually got one last question what did you. From a golf yet the line drive that's a -- our final question -- to -- better -- the dimensions of San -- unique dimensions of -- inning. Anyone know what you guys they do now. Injuries through torn down lines for 65 in the gaps in the United Center really I have different numbers although there's. You guys you got -- first place seven games to play in the first half. Four games up in their division was that he said he got a chance to be a playoff team the second time around congratulations it'll be a part of me also our team. Thanks very much for joining us here at Yahoo! Sports -- -- and thanks very much for. Turner was determined mikes here it's pretty much the best thing that really hurt and you aren't you.

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