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117 - Susan


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Tue, 31 Jul 2012|

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Welcome back to the ballgame large sweet to win contest is so successful last night we're doing it again tonight followed at CSN Ott and take. Listen to -- night in game reports had to say and then immediately following tonight's game at CSN authentic wolf -- a trivia question pertaining to some B nine's that's. When you get to get to the cal game this Saturday. Meantime you don't worry about it yeah. -- right. -- between we'll look for although I don't have one. Do you have when whatever happened to accidentally you know -- someone that we do that in. Got a lot of trouble in the sixth grade lunch. There's a called strike in the -- wanted to Carlos Pena.

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  1. 126 - Hailey and Mike

    throw out the first pitch. Great is not allowed no there's not a lot of base runners in seven innings. Top aide Carlos Pena popped up. Saturday July. They have I've represented more immediate right there were fun. He's run out of better

  2. 106 - Steve

    Mother's Day. Hey mom. They had then. I'm not allowed no plays vanities Tuesday seventh inning off debate now. Carlos Pena you know pop. Pop it up down that third base line and includes tracked it down. naked grab in bulk then a day got

  3. 131 - Kimberly and Nicholas

    the rays on Mother's mom sent out the first pitch. Brady has allowed no basement seven innings. Talk but it eight Carlos Pena pops it up and down the third base trying to get it is enough tracks it down spirits up makes it and that taste again

  4. 301 - Monica and Michael

    and and that taken honoree on Mondays and eight moms are out the first pitch. Great has allowed no that any top eight Carlos Pena popped up. Down there they're Kevin he's not down not make the crap out eight. Top ninth grade they've finally

  1. a lot better in June and not trying to make it could just trying to match Beckham back and and forcing things and I've met Pena and yes he's in he's the stay facility. One time he talked to us. And Gonzales rademan Souza is pretty cool to talk to

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    You can't rule him out Huntsman Touch but a few Mayweather on points probably unanimous it's fun it's competitive He's Pena you know you let it keeps you in. development. It's it's a wise. Served him because It's not functioning. Others in

  3. Pats sign Gilbert Pena , waive Brice Schwab


    Wed, 28 Aug 2013

    The Patriots claim ex-Packer Gilbert Pena off waivers, cut Brice Schwab in process.

  4. Lopez loves to hear this song we want you to hear this song. Colston inside and I would do it. Yeah. Very standout. Zion not Pena every had a son sort of dream is that they may dishonest Karl of it and time for. Travel. Okay. little. I don't cost

  5. Bochy: 'We know where we're at'


    Thu, 18 Jul 2013

    Michigan just more consistent all facets of the game in. earlier. Get this thing going again. Playing you know it's funny an Pena . Occasionally you need break and you a couple of that you can't really give back if you miss. This. I really you know and

  6. Coming out in Manhattan. It's gone now and I'm and then they came in. You guys. Better than it. Get on timing. I'm very Pena can't play I'm really happy. Are a lot and obviously not and I know why didn't need long time and it makes it it's okay

  7. s they have a beer in the offseason not enough courses. There's no out. If you had to do fan exactly Like it's. time Pena thing. I'd like to donate money back right now I know that's. Throwing on you but you know realistically you know we

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    I'm for us. Center go to the athletic. If I was in the baseball player I would be. There's a movie about me. Favorite food. Pepperoni pizza how to Pena knows. Exercise my favorite movie is the last time. My favorite son is making.

  9. Griffin: 'It was a fun team win'


    Wed, 26 Jun 2013

    and then you know we kind of cut and then good it was bloody than that no one else it was fun and be able to go out there and Pena come. Contribute to team room and another day off for the team and the Cardinals up next but what does this victory over the

  10. Bellarmine embracing underdog role


    Mon, 13 May 2013

    the game last night Jake we cannot let our base holidays loss good pitching good hitting. Came off the Perfect and go to Kevin Pena in the middle you guys kind of the underdog in this little turning the for instance there. Some top ranked teams who was kind

  11. know now I don't think. And then 6 o'clock game I think Marlins because of the shadows. Does feel like. Lately is Adrian Pena . Shots anywhere. You'll see the long ones that you. Bryant and that this could be the difference and then you Paul Weller

  12. time together and as you we've been through ups and downs that you know he he was always there and there's memory question Pena who weren't we were joined in. And we we tried to work together to make this club better and he listens to me. Sure he makes

  13. Kontos: 'I'm fighting for my spot'


    Wed, 13 Mar 2013

    think guys who you know I remember Jeremy now we're playing look at the minor league side. And I think he had not invulnerable Pena when he got here is we playing catch and it was first time on the mound and are assimilated eight or nine innings back in Chicago

  14. questions about that today is probably a little under the new bearded belongs to Chad again if you're his hero that old school WWF Pena may remember Jim the night heart failure and that that's he's got a beard that. Quite resembles that like down just that

  15. to his left behind Eric. Don't 817 mustangs late fourth quarter wolves trailing by two scores birds about the Marcus de La Pena on the screen it okay. It got up and sidestepped under 75 yards up the outside but now I've. 15 late in the fourth. It has

  16. I won't make but this there wasn't there what amount. And growth path as a lot of energy and none in. You know all the Pena . Go through lately and if and to the all the stuff them. And you know for him to be in this decision right now on him. the

  17. The inspiring Grant Beall


    Mon, 15 Oct 2012

    lights. And what you can finished but it put a mask on me to not the end of telecasts of skating. Grant was born with cyclical Pena a blood disorder caused by low levels of white blood cells fighting bacteria in the blood. As a result he was always sick

  18. utilized and a and a I think you. He happens. And that is how hard like I guess it's good that we hear. I think we will Pena who thinks we'll home court season. We got to continue to play in this field and say yeah. Q how important is goes in this

  19. sure we route on us is suited up pretty good athletes and he's turned nosed defense plays to. That input at some point that Pena style of it and of these points that spread offense down a little bit about an offense as well highlight the office it's crab

  20. Kate & Casey: Are A's the underdog?


    Fri, 5 Oct 2012

    Verlander starts up. It's gonna be earlier series and pretty much exciting at this point. Yeah it's really awkward to try and Pena who is the underdog when these these teams go against other had hadn't think he's right at the end talk about the better