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6.28: LAD/SFG Postgame- Casey Blake



  1. Reed Johnson0:27
  2. Cody Ross1:41
  3. Chad Billingsley1:13
  4. Casey Blake0:48
  5. Regis0:11
  6. Giants1:10, 1:35
  7. series as0:16
Wed, 15 Sep 2010|

"Clayton Kershaw..."


Machine Generated Transcript

Well you know this is one of those ball games -- you just don't think you're gonna get beat one nothing especially if the opposition only has one hit. But to do with his driver Regis never know what to expect well you expect good pitching and it figures -- the wrist was. The series as well but today in regards to persecuted but I thought he pitched beautifully if you look at the inning that did admit it was a hit that's nobody -- hit the count and then there was a bunt. That moved Reed Johnson the second -- day he faces a guy who's had four -- had success with. That's -- for calling walks in about that walker had been that you probably knew what. If that he's probably the fuel that regret the most is that that that -- here we threw 32 breaking ball low ball for. Now over that he that he's allowed to pitch to Casey Blake -- there's a ball that. You know you could have made a play attitude Aaron watery that it brought scores at him because he's had that history gets back kittens the next hitter. He plays itself out bogeys so that's a tough pill to swallow especially would you -- bonus as well as he threw me -- gave up one hit tonight if they lose. But you know we saw this. The last time that that the Giants had an update going to the last hopes dead if faced Chad Billingsley evicted -- with the -- will that give at least they were shut out that he was well it was mortal one but. You know hobbies had to forget this what -- rebuke to borrow or the other staff a year you have not. You cannot. Well they can you just can't do it is that tough loss you that you have to tip your cap -- clicker showed he was historic night which you can't dwell on -- tomorrow's game will look. Giants had one at bat in this game with a runner in scoring position that was in the sixth inning after Cody Ross a two out double pretty Sanchez hit a fly ball to right field that was the only based -- They had yet to second base all right what nothing your final.

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  7. who do you have a my Go enjoy yourself because they'll be no lines of the restaurants everybody will be home and they'll be watching and me. Channel Phillip Phillips they did a faster they would Blake thanks for joining us there you go.

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