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9.14: Ryane Clowe and Douglas Murray on Chronicle Live



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Tue, 14 Sep 2010|

Greg Papa is joined by Sharks Ryane Clowe and Douglas Murray as San Jose's training camp approaches.


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-- cool here perfect hockey whether the Sharks are going to training camp this weekend all the on the ice and boards on Saturday. They -- a pre season games starting next Wednesday that fly that German aid coming up on September the thirtieth all of -- except for the season opening. Two game series with the Columbus Blue Jackets in Stockholm Sweden vs eleven game on October the -- we'll have before you here on Comcast sports that California. On October with a knife. And we'll have a sharks' post game live so Douglas. All the way this way left up like a home game talk about the product of luck. Greg -- when he rejoined by Ryan blow -- the Sharks if you buy this way before. No I've actually never been -- -- so what are your work public support that you have to try to get him to Sweden what's that. I tried to get him to sleep and you weren't going to let your well into. And -- out of -- What he does and in my house -- not. So how exciting is this -- Hugh Douglas because you're from -- and stuck on the flag and a couple of games there must be thrilling -- knowledge -- exciting. Is that made them immediately on this team -- played over here but. Especially a lot of friends and then more distant family get a chance to see a split. And a special to bring the whole squad -- go to the -- The house and treat them well well well what's -- I'll let out figuring out -- -- something out of Florida the boys when there over the -- yeah when you're gonna run the play in the Olympics and talking about your grandfather who was a great defenseman. Tell. Our audience the story about his and his singing talents are hurting was forced to sing the national anti. All right well it he used to be the captain aura of the Swedish national team and in 57 I believe it was that played a Moscow inferno 56000 people in -- -- and a -- was so short are gonna win today I didn't have the Swedish national anthem. So. They turned to my grandfather -- -- and and then you look back at the boys and said that's his thing the real Swedish national anthem and they thing the animals. The famous Swedish drinking songs that are a nationally and nobody do. All Russian. A demonstrators that's happened actually came on a couple of minutes later in the obviously and. But -- did take a shot after every guy ever I see guys go to camp on Saturday. Tell me about training camp it is different your sport guys are playing pre season games on Wednesdays here -- in camp for like four days so when they divide -- seems a team be what what you guys try to accomplish those first four days of training camp right. Well and a lot of that's. More letting it get -- -- in their right away and most guys think last couple years because -- been pretty. Q you know make sure it was the only gets injured you know Detroit the -- jumping back -- the pretty quick pace. Especially this year with -- season opener early. No doubt we only got a couple of days -- pre season starts -- go for -- season games. So first couple days is probably a lot of -- would like combinations get a feel for his brother again god is always his number on guards and still fight for spots and missiles and sponsor to be had so. That's all the healthy competition and more netting just try to like get back -- things. You have any idea if you're a team they're dating this find out what Musharraf on Saturday -- no idea and I think me and Rob Blake brought Washington after the same question that. -- no idea sleet you know and also. The night before we have a little meeting at the list. And I watching guys on separate teams. I wanna see him trying to bargain -- than that and you try to clear him out there. That would be a great match up well I'd probably couldn't clear Mo with the new rules that legally blood. We'll be good be good battle in the corner to have little fun battles in practice. I tell me about that the offseason or you're one of those guys right when you -- back to -- Canada Newfoundland were you following the events of what was happening because patty Marleau was -- restricted to block -- was unrestricted they brought -- back debacle started back to Russia if you follow all that to find out your teammates are going to be. Absolutely give him the ball is that not only thirteen but around the league you like to see -- For example Anaheim's Garnett -- -- like -- That -- -- things like that so I think most of the guys do follow they'll it's always -- -- addressed the article -- that's true and we we figured I'd be back into the path of the back. You know how's it -- different guys dad he always -- guys that saw that happens every year so don't happy with the team again I think it's also a -- opportunity for some young guys to play and he got a -- It about what we're following closely the events in Chicago after they won the Stanley Cup Douglas because we knew they would lose a lot of players that they lost a lot of players Dustin Buffalo and won that many many guys -- gone including a goaltender that won the Stanley Cup I was shocked me. That they'd let him go auntie EM in on even more super I think these. A shark. So hot that goal because you're here obviously last line of defense before the goaltender is there a big adjustment for you go -- from a -- off to the nuclear that you're gonna have this year Douglas. Well I really don't know yet because. And Jimmy. In the working with a goalie -- so far so I'm an item on the ice. That it was always great playing the puck to wielded like as. Extra demon back there and they it was a very vocal also mean that's always do things you're gonna miss an Ambien and I was it was a great goaltenders those -- But as far as. Getting used to new goal it's this I think it's mostly it's not as local Laura not as well playing the puck but I don't think -- -- final season -- problems. Imagine Rob Blake we had a guise of a show together last year Ryan and he's gone he retired not a big surprise at age forty and a brilliant career will be enough hockey Hall of Fame but that C is now open -- An immediate and make a big deal about dad is that. That's something you guys talk about him what you have any say in who Doug Wilson and Todd McLellan choose debating a captive insurers that all done above your level. Yes I think that's don't cut -- -- the thing is we kind of know what's gonna have to went through -- through it Robin decided on crop losses and a great selection. But we didn't know until it ought to sit illnesses from his captain's gonna -- it really is what. One good thing about our team has probably designers with a lot of guys for candidates. The captain and there's a lot of leaders with a lot of leaders that stepped up flashes in the playoffs -- young guys and that's a good sign and got a Lotta Lotta guys that Florida Cesar Izturis the media is his. I think your candidate your alternate last year should we vote for Ryan would be good they're good captain this year Douglas. I don't really great captain and a couple guys to be on the told that he was definitely. Tough. -- -- -- Gordon elected to the boil it probably be that guy don't you think just for the fact that he's won a Stanley Cup than that he's got a one ever wrote that. Job as a lot of it to talk to thus thus in the media so -- he's pretty good at that. I mean we're kind of assuming Dan Boyle would be the guy do you guys think that the room Douglas the foil lined up with the state. Yeah honestly do I don't realistically didn't. And it doesn't really matter it is discipline -- right instead they're we have a lot of leaders in the room enough. Notes. The C is obviously they got to hear a lot of responsibility but. It's a lot of other guys fit to lead to so we have several guys that -- great captains and whichever one of those says this. Will be great. And this. That go along with a maybe that they Jumbo Joe as the captain for the first time so I was throwing out the first -- who's got the Danny -- assignment tonight -- you know one against his government back -- actually gonna do it again -- hot -- but never again that I don't wanna have a muscle groups on Monday during a hockey player he's a horrible pitcher you don't want guys that -- not the first person and I don't know just got -- glass of finally got to go to training camp by the weekend but was thanks for your time good luck and you'll get on display -- because a couple of wins there -- -- -- throughout. I think it's like if you.

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