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Tue, 25 Jun 2013|

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This series will fit just even five. Dodgers have had a lot of injury problems on their rotation Chad Billingsley said Billy Josh Beckett are all on the DL Mike kicked up. Because of the injury the ball goes on another injured Gaudin and we'll make his second Major League start Rich's first one it. Come may the 28 at the Oakland coliseum. The lie wasn't great Brady threw the ball well that night. So hard yeah I watch -- -- -- -- spring training to -- comes out of his hand really. Really well feeling you have -- your first stallion in I'd like to see how it goes back to Marcus. You go kid -- the ball toward lose some games late in your case the Dodgers Dodger Stadium so we'll get them. I I just hope. He goes deep in the game so the bullpen cannot you know get a little reprieve here for a little bit and for me tonight was a big game because you look ahead in the series. We know Clayton Kershaw those against Giants when he pitches against him so you pretty much you know you know that game may -- it. You know may not be able win that game Christian trap and trying to win but he has really good numbers against Giants so this is he's keeping an eye to judge wanted to try and when the series.

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  1. Giants call on Kickham to right the ship in Los Angeles

    This series will fit just even five. Dodgers have had a lot of injury problems on their rotation Chad Billingsley said Billy Josh Beckett are all on the DL Mike kicked up. Because of the injury the ball goes on another injured Gaudin and we

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    through this series and might. Adjust the Sanchez pitched extremely well actually. Probably it's better than Chad Billingsley Billingsley into the wind Sanchez the laws only because. The defense including Sanchez he didn't but that's the difference

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    just disappointing but the Giants although it was a 62 final. Because they started out well they were getting to Chad Billingsley Tim Lincecum seem to have great stuff but the Giants after running themselves out of an inning. And never scored

  1. Dodgers pitcher to undergo Tommy John surgery


    Tue, 23 Apr 2013

    The Dodgers will place Chad Billingsley on the shelf for 12 months following Tommy John surgery.

  2. and and control the timing of it mentality is playing How good yeah for me is that scary just. Looking to my rating seemed Billingsley coming and then me pretty hard. I'm just feel that. Yeah I can come in tackling in Iceland but first and has happened

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    his change. Along with the fastball and good men. As you'll look back in the game how significant ones. Cutting down Billingsley at the plate than he did dollars or part of Jeremy. Great play them on the changes or in cameo moments while we teach me

  4. their toes all game long in the play is what a great win for a chance this ball club to take the series tomorrow against Billingsley . And I will say you know that NBC Bay Area tomorrow after playing their worst defense in game of the year last night they

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    Had problems with the back here to bring you that. They've noticed what you've done over there. Went through that Billingsley . It doesn't matter. Everything Six days away. Maybe you know. I I I was talk about it she wasn't she's never it

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    position to. Bum me think once we just get your soul and play some baseball. But I certainly. Richard first homer and Chad Billingsley outsiders who played executive of the more confidence going into the night matchup you know us not only be gained

  7. to address we call them and a hundred pounds attain our linemen become one of the points. Field Yeah inevitable loss to Billingsley and mortar rounds and convert on third down. And his different you know get something win. I think they're in movement

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    through your mind that getting into that at bat. Against Billingsley . I I'll just trying to get him out anyway could you know ..... to see start talked about what he used in the past against Billingsley and how it works so he really wanted to change that. No

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    been so consistent and while we news tonight we took time Billingsley . Finally broke through broken hip and we had some opportunities ..... You know you actually Tomasson. Course. You know all know Billingsley so. You know expect squirrel run so you open to pitching

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    we got you know. that Tomlin appeared in. You know and. This play harder than it. And that was gonna take to get hit Billingsley and I think I haven't. I don't know. All him pitch against us want this year up basically content path. I don't

  11. But you know we saw this. The last time that that the Giants had an update going to the last hopes dead if faced Chad Billingsley evicted with the will that give at least they were shut out that he was well it was mortal one but. You know hobbies

  12. inning with a three run lead person that you with a one run leaving game. No balls on Ellis called filling this sentiment Billingsley nothing imminent yes indeed get people out. I know you guys are watching before the game looking out now on the wild card

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    Thu, 22 Jul 2010

    so we just. Couldn't keep on moving there and let's get things going that we. That's you come through the you know Billingsley . Really. Really working restore power to. And who ever let us. only as good surge towards. You know came back one of

  14. We start to that the The pre game called Tuesday against Blake incurred golf in the finale at very veto against Chad Billingsley game three games that LA south.

  15. 7.17: NYM/SFG Postgame- Matt Cain


    Sun, 18 Jul 2010

    and obviously just pick up games and was can go from there. Mean you personally its like dude you went and had a couple Billingsley pitched pretty well and obviously didn't use. That's good in relatively good to have that good failure and amounts take

  16. 6.28: Bill Neukom with Greg Papa


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    our division is the Dodgers to get that core talent. Their pitching has been a little bit erratic so far but we'll would Billingsley does tonight. And her a young great talent they've got a pretty good bullpen to bring closer although he had some sort

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    baseball. You know Travis before the ball game as walked through the video room I saw you watching some at bats against Billingsley what we looking for. I just wanna see you know I know I know what he throws that seem enough times I just want to see maybe

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    coming back from their head injury. Back in April Chad Billingsley in this is that the way you bring it home Chad Billingsley against Tim Lincecum. the match up it's gonna go

  19. pitching and right now the Dodgers don't really have that. Other than two guys in the major leagues Clinton and Chad Billingsley . The other question with the Dodgers Greg is the willingness of ownership to take on how salary. And that is a serious

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    You might get an argument in the Dodgers fans who say Chad Billingsley and Randy Wolf. You might even get an argument Cincinnati where they've got and as Johnny Quayle. But those wouldn't be very