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7.6: Giants unhappy with Chad Qualls spiking ball


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Wed, 6 Jul 2011|

Andres Torres and the Giants reflect on the actions of Padres reliever Chad Qualls, who spiked the ball at the plate after tagging out Torres.


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I had to throw the ball that's -- double I think that's always respect this game. I respect the views that does -- professional -- one thing is is. I don't believe me he's on the field you know laughing you know that -- that I respect everybody and he's -- it. That happened right. Those penalties happened. He put all of that together Rodney threw sixteen pitches to the guys walk so for me what you wanted to do it you're married pitcher possibly hatton and He showed me but basically. Having the best at -- in my career against -- and still walk so I mean I tip my hat to him for for put together to help and you know I don't have any animosity towards him it was just you know adrenaline played -- played and -- do it. Asterisk -- -- expect any sort of reality retaliation from that -- last saying that not a guy you know these guys seem to just. Focus on today go out and try and win this game snapped their losing streak but no doubt about it talking some of these players and coaches. Those actions of -- while definitely struck that's accord with this team last night. There's some other day you know I'm a professional -- -- the end respect all the failures -- I gotta say yeah. Hustling got so you know. Hundreds of groups and you're trying to score and guess -- -- -- -- it's quite good ball problem we'll. I think that would -- should do. And our guys really got it's it something He shouldn't happen now obviously the guys excited you know take your excitement back to the dugout. You know -- team you know you saw anybody else we're trying to play hard you know he's trying to play hard. You know let -- -- -- that running doing things like that we did.

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